Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Is it next week yet?

UGH! I am SO ready for vacation to be here! I was up at 6am and started playing the...Nurse Sean back to bed before you have to get up so things can be a bit easier...game. At 6:30 he was almost asleep. At 6:31 I guess I was too. I fell back to sleep!!! And I dreamed, and it wasn't even a very good dream. (I was at a certain friend's house after her husband's funeral. Some 20something yo kid was wanting me to act his age but I was couldn't pull it off, even if I wanted to. Then I woke up...knowing what had happened. I'd fallen back to sleep and we were late! I couldn't figure out why no one else's alarms went off and then I remembered we lost power yesterday for about 2 minutes. So everyone's clock was messed up. Sure enough there were only 10mins before the bus would be here. I told everyone they could take 2nd trip and I went back to bed again. To top off the morning, we had a substitute bus driver and she was TEN minutes early! The kids were just heading toward the door when she pulled up but she drove off before they could get OUT the door!!! GRRRR! So I had to pile the kids in the car and drive them myself.

Let's hope all the bad juju vibes have been used up for today....only GOOD things for the rest of the day. And to start the good vibes, here's a picture of Mr Man enjoying the rest of an apple someone started for breakfast.

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