Sunday, April 05, 2009

Internet troubles

For almost a week our internet has been spotty. It'd be fine for a few hours but then flick on and off, mostly in the evening. It made for some frustrated people here. Finally on Friday night it went off and never came back on. It took until Sunday when I moved the cord going from the router to the phone jack and dsl flicked on momentarily for me to figure it out. It wasn't bad service, it was the phone cord! I found a new (but too short) one and switched it out....taaadaaaa! Instant dsl and internet! YAAAAY!

The net being out became a problem for me on Friday night because I couldn't go to chat. It also meant I couldn't finish a birthday present I started for my niece. I was crocheting her a poncho form a pattern I found online. Someone closed the browser with the pattern opened on it which meant until I got back on the internet, the pattern was gone! We're going to her party on Sunday and I NEEDED it! Lesson a pattern whenever possible. At least I got the pattern back Saturday night and finished the poncho this morning. (I'm hoping to take a picture of it later today)

So what prompted me to crochet my niece a poncho? A yarn I've fallen in love with. I know I'm a texture and color freak when it comes to fabric and yarn. Most of the time when I buy it it's not so much to work with it as it is to feel or touch it. Well I'm loving working with this yarn and I keep thinking of new projects to use it for! It's Lion Chenille Thick & Quick...

I'm making another poncho this week for a girl at church, her birthday is the 11th. I want to make a rug out of it and I've seen a wavy blanket tutorial that I think it'd be perfect for. It's a good thing I bought a bunch of it. It's also a good thing I found it at the dollar store. I bought 10 skeins, worked with it, feel in love with it and then went back and bought 20 more. *blush* I'm trying not to start new projects before the one's I've started get done, but it's hard!!! Especially with the dollar store having a excellent yarn section...most of it brand name stuff. I also bought 10 skeins of Red Heart Super Saver this week. It's Summer Breeze....variegated with cream, blue, peach and green. I'm dying to make a swatch so I can see how it works out.

I have to admit, I blew Friday. It was a grey and rainy day and I was feeling a bit stiff from working in the chicken coop, so I sat and crocheted. Last week I'd found one skein of what I'm assuming was Red Heart in a plum color (no label). I decided to use it to make myself a crochet hook case. I'm at least 3/4 of the way done but then the Kaleidoscope chenille and the need for a birthday present came into my hands on Friday night. There's so much I want to do!! At least it's keeping me doing what I should be doing. Maybe not deep down what I should be (like cleaning my room) but I'm trying to make sure I get the daily stuff done inorder to allow myself the luxury of sitting and crocheting. OK...maybe on Friday night and Saturday when I had the deadline I didn't hold myself to that too much...but for the non "essential" stuff I do.

The essential stuff leads me to turn a pork loin (previously cook, sliced, and frozen that I'd defrosted) with gravy, mashed potatoes and green bean dinner into a...heat up a few slices of meat, throw it on bread and make yourself a sandwich before you run out the door meal. But hey, the kids were fed! I'm thinking this crocheting might be a good thing for me. I can't munch and crochet at the same it's my new diet. ;o)

OK, need to go get ready for church and then to my niece's birthday party. I think I'm going to have to make a laundromat run to dry clothes for the school week. At least this next week is only 4 days...then it's onto SPRING BREAK!

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