Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Oh no, is it my turn now?

I'm pretty sure Sean's throwing up was a stomach bug and now I think I have it. I feel like I'm pregnant....I'm hungry but the thought of food makes want to barf. My nose is super sensitive and all the smells are grossing me out. I just hope it runs it's course quickly and that it doesn't go through everyone. The weeks looks to be a nice one weatherwise. I'd hate to be stuck in the house because of sick kids. Especially on Friday which is Michelle's day off.

So Danielle wakes up on Monday morning and the first thing out of her mouth is...My ear hurts. I told her I know and I was going to take her to the doctor's soon. Her immediate reaction...I only kidding, it not hurt...it's all better. lol I told her she was still going to the doctor's. She was fine with it after I assured her there would be no shots given.

Danielle had a fever of over 102 and her ears were really bad. Sean had one ear that was pretty red so they're both on antibiotics. After both of them were hooked up to the oxymeter and got readings of 95% I was worried that they both had pneumonia or something. Thankfully both of them had clear lungs.

Sean threw up again last night after being free of it all day. I think that was related to coughing though. He's driving me a bit crazy. His newest trick is that he can take off his pants or shorts. He's been able to undo his diaper for a long time. To stop him we only had to make sure he had a pair of shorts or pants on. Well it works no longer. That kid is naked almost everytime he's standing on his own. The last few days it hasn't really been a problem since all he wants to do is lay in my lap and nurse 24/7.

4:30am the next day...

I'm almost positive I have what Sean did although I haven't barfed...thankfully. It was all I could do to make dinner. I've had homemade pizza on the plan for so many days and I never seemed to get the dough made. Today I did! Go me! I was starting to throw them together (always make a garlic one first) and realized we were out of spaghetti sauce. I know I probably could've improvised and thrown a sauce together but I was in a hurry and didn't feel like it. So all our pizzas were garlic! lol We had garlic only, garlic with spinach (canned), garlic and sausage and garlic with sausage and mushrooms. They were yummy and that's all that matters.

Michelle closed up at work and had to be picked up in a different location that Tom wasn't familiar with so I went. I'd put Sean to bed before I left but I guess he didn't last long. He was sleeping in Liz's arms when I got home. So him and I ended up going to bed before 10.

Olivia woke me up about 2:30'ish saying her ear hurt. Eileen was complaining of an earache too for about 12hrs. I gave Olivia some ibuprofen and sent her back to bed. Hopefully her earache will be gone when she gets up.

Well Sean is crying again. Time to climb back into bed.


Anonymous said...

I hope you guys are on the mend soon and no-one else gets sick...fingers crossed.


Denise said...

I hope you get to skip the barfing & everyone is better soon.

Thia said...

Sorry so many are sick. Praying for health soon.

One of the Cow Crew said...
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One of the Cow Crew said...

hope folks are better now!
Tell me about "garlic pizza". What is the sauce?

For an extra easy tomato pizza sauce:
Mix 1 Tablespoon Italian seasoning into a 15 oz can of tomato sauce. Sometimes I also add tomato paste for a thicker sauce, but it is great with simply the tomato sauce and Italian seasoning.