Sunday, April 19, 2009

It's almost over!

Spring break is over, only the weekend is left. It was a great week weatherwise which makes the fact that we really didn't do anything sad. We also didn't manage to get anything done around here which I'd hoped to do. Oh well, at least we got to unwind a bit.

The stomach bug has been going through the house slowly. Luckily it hasn't involved too much throwing up. I was feeling icky for two days but never lost it. Val, Jake, Eileen threw up a few times each. Danielle had one bout of diarrhea so not sure if that was her being sick or not. I hope so. I kept expecting her to throw up all night but she didn't. I think Olivia might be next, she said she felt like she was going to throw up before she went to bed. I'm still dealing with some icky diapers from Sean. It doesn't help that he doesn't want to eat, just nurse....ALL THE TIME! Hopefully Liz, Luke and Carrie stayed healthy...especially since they are at church with hundreds of other youth. It's always a concern that they'll bring home something new from something like that too.

I think we're in trouble. I left Sean home last night when it was time to go pick up Michelle from work. He threw a fit and cried almost the whole time I was gone. He's gotten to be such a clingon since he's been sick, wanting to nurse constantly. It's like...Mom's sitting down! Time to nurse. And if I'm standing...he whines for me to sit and directs me to a chair. Here I've had thoughts of him weaning and he's nursing like a newborn! It really makes me wonder how Tom and I are suppose to go away this coming weekend (my birthday present from the kids). I'm afraid if we don't do it now, we won't go at all. And I think Michelle is thinking the same thing. We were originally thinking of going away for one day, then we switched it to two, now I'm thinking we'd better make it one and keep it really close! Just in case. I know that if things don't go well they'll all survive but it just kills me to think of Sean so unhappy and the kids so frustrated.

I did manage to get outside a few times this week. I pruned up the apple trees quite a bit. We've let them go and they really need some drastic cutting. But I did manage to open up the bottom half the trees, need to get a ladder to do the rest. I also got into the chicken coop and cleaned it up a bit. We really need to do some work in there! The nesting box seems to be falling apart (an old dresser on it's side...was only temporary). They seem to be laying eggs where ever they feel like it. We really messed up the last month or so. I'm going to have some work ahead of me while I retrain them and get them back in shape but of course I need the $$ to do it. (fix the fence, build permanent nesting boxes, etc) I guess we better assess if we want to spend the money because it's an expensive source of eggs for us ATM. We really need to raise some chicks for meat to make it more economical.

I keep intending to get out my crocheting but it hasn't happened. It just sits on my bedroom dresser...mocking me each morning, right along with the totes of fabric in there. The girls could really use some summer clothes.

It's starting to hit me that Liz will be leaving in a few months (waiting on her visa). We haven't really done anything to start getting ready and we probably should. We also have to start thinking of her graduation party. Oh yeah and I have to call the school to ask what to do about graduation. She originally thought she was leaving for Norway before her graduation ceremony so she didn't order her cap and gowns when it the time came around. Now she says she doesn't want to go to the ceremony but I'm not sure if that's how she truly feels or because she thinks she can't. Guess I should talk to her more too lol.

So we're back to the old routine now. Today is a feast for a family at church that is moving back home. :o( Then we'll come home and start getting ready for school...laundry, baths, homework lol. I know Jake has to figure out a costume for his presentation next exactly was Hades suppose to look anyways? I know there's been talk of finding 3 stuffed dogs and mutating them into Cerberus. I have an IEP meeting for Luke tomorrow morning at 9am. Not the optimum time but oh well. Then Tuesday we're heading to the dentist for the afternoon.

Well the washign machine is finished and ready to get hung out on the line. The only one asleep now is Tom, so I should probaby pay attention to the kids and get them to be a bit quieter.


Terresa said...

stomach bug? With 12 children? How do you do it all? i have 4 young children and stick a fork in my own head a regular intervals. You deserve an award! ;)
PS: found you on Blog Top Sites.

Anonymous said...

I know (with so many) that you've probably been here before, but schools are very used to late cap and gown orders. VERY USED to call them if she wants to walk. Good luck! I'm with you on the never ending stuff!!!

Carolyn in Michigan