Monday, April 13, 2009

My parents' house

Enjoying dessert

Val, my mom and John

Drew and Pat

Me and Tom

My Dad

My sister

Me and Drew

John and Sean having fun in the hall (such a fun pic I had to share even though it's blurry)

Carrie with her back to the camera, my niece Amanda by the fridge, Olivia by the stove and my niece Emily in the forefront

Michelle and Val filled easter eggs and hid them for the kids to find.

Danielle going for the spoils

Liz, my niece Jess and Sean trying to find some eggs

John and Sean hamming it up

Eileen showing me the big egg she found (only one of it's kind)

The older kids planned on going to the 9pm show at the cheap theater in my parents' neighborhood. By the time it was time to go to the show...Val and John and Drew and Allison had bowed out. That meant that if we didn't wait for Michelle and Cory, Pat would have to drive them to our house and before going home (quite a bit out of his way). So we decided to wait for them. We threw in the video of Disney's Cinderella and settled onto the couch. I was nursing Sean and he started gagging then threw up. I wasn't sure if it was because of his cough or something else but he didn't do it again. While I was cleaning him up Danielle started crying that her ear hurt...and she didn't stop. Not finding any children's pain reliever in my parents' house I finally asked Tom to find someplace open and buy a bottle. There was no way we were going to be sane when we got home if Danielle cried like she was all the way home. So him and my dad went out.

In the meantime I thought I heard a car pull into the driveway and then pull out. It occurred to me that it was probably the big kids coming home from the theater. They saw the van not in the driveway and assumed we went home without them. So Pat took them home. I tried to call their cells but no one was answering. They brought the medicine back and I had force feed it to Danielle...not a pretty site and it made Sean upset. Finally about half an hour after the movie should've ended I decided we couldn't wait for the big kids any longer and we'd go home. About half way home we called the house and sure enough Michelle was had been them I thought I'd heard.

We got home and I got Danielle settled into bed. Then someone brought in a sleeping Sean. Shortly after falling asleep myself I heard that sound that mothers everywhere dread...someone throwing up in bed. Luckily it was a tiny bit, breastmilk and it ended up on my pillow which was easy enough to clean up. So Sean and I made a nest of towels and blankets on the couch. I grabbed an empty easter basket/bowl and settled down as best I could. Sean threw up about 5 more times through the night. It didn't take long before Danielle was on the couch with us, crying that her ear hurt. I finally managed to convince her to take some Ibuprofen about 3:30 and she settled in for a little bit. Needless to say between the two of them, sleep was very scarce.

Sean doesn't seem to be throwing up anymore now but both of Danielle's ears hurt. They're both heading to the doctor's at 2:15 (only appt the office had) and luckily coincides with when Michelle needs to be at work.

Here's Danielle curled up in the blankets on the couch this morning..

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