Sunday, April 12, 2009

Not in the plans

The original plan for Saturday was that we'd spend most of the day at church, watching transmissions and eating lunch with our friends. Sean threw that plan out the window when he started burning up in the middle of the night and coughing his brains out. I debated on whether he needed to be seen by the doctor and decided to wait it out another day or two. Still I couldn't take a feverish, gooey nosed toddler around all those kids. Not to mention he was too miserable to behave during the transmissions. Liz, Luke, Carrie and Jake went without us.

I felt bad for Eileen and Olivia since they were stuck home with me, not able to do too much. Then the phone rang. It was Drew wanting to know if anyone at my house wanted to go to the Easter egg hunt in the next village over. So the 3 little girls scrambled to get ready and out the door they went with Drew and Allison. They came home LOADED with candy and big coloring book. They had a ton of fun.

Later Val, John and their friend Joe came in the door carrying kites. They announced that everyone had to get their shoes and coats on because they were going kite flying. Next thing I know Michelle came running out of her room with a my little pony kite. That kite proved to be a super kite! It got stuck in a tree but Joe managed to use tension on the line and the wind to get it loose. Then it went up and kept going up. The kite string that came with it was all used up so I ran in, rummage through the junk drawer and found another one (from an island week kite that's hung on the wall). That one was extended to the end so they tied the string from John and Val's kite to the pony kite and it continued to climb. Suddenly it came to the end of the line but it wasn't tied to the plastic holder like the rest of the strings were. The kite was free of any human control and it started to fly away in the wind!!!! Awwwww! Suddenly they realized that the kite stopped moving but continued to fly. They decided to take a walk in the back and see if they could find what it was caught on. They did, it was a pine tree that Michelle climbed. She got control of the kite and they were flying her once again. Because of all the trees they were kind of stuck in the back. They tried to talk up along the neighbors yard but realized the power lines were in the way once they got to the road, so they headed into the back again. They flew that pony until I called them for dinner. Luckily they managed to reign it in without getting it stuck in anymore trees. It must have flown for over an hour and a half.

When the kids first started flying the kites, Val asked me if I wanted to do Easter baskets. So her and I went into my room and filled them. Well I can't call them baskets since we used bowls that Della gave me for my birthday.

After dinner the kids set up the table to color eggs. I wasn't going to buy eggs since we have our own but you can't really color already colored eggs. Then I ran into some 8ct cartons of eggs for half price at bought 6 pkgs.

I'm glad Val encouraged me to do the baskets when I did because I ended up falling asleep on the couch with Sean and totally forgot I had to get things ready for Easter morning. Luckily I was the first one up and managed to set things up before too many kids got up.

12 baskets, each with a Nuts Galore egg that I got from the dollar store...2 for $1 (originally marked $ what if they're broken, the kids would be breaking them to eat them anyways! lol)

I had to put plastic wrap over all the bowls because a certain monster kept trying to sample all the different baskets. I guess peeps taste better when they're from someone else's basket.

Sean's fever didn't come back and he hardly coughed all night or yet this morning. So we're off to the transmission at church. The youth are having an easter egg hunt for the kids and then we're coming home, picking up the rest of the family and going to my mom's for dinner.

Happy Easter!

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