Monday, April 27, 2009

WHY am I up?

As much as I hate to waste time sleeping. I know that being up since 2:30 is not a good thing for me. Oh well, maybe I can write some and then go back to bed. Things have been busy around here. Michelle's working, Sean ended up sick again with a fever for a day (I think it was his ear, we weren't very diligent about giving meds). Drew turned a quarter of a century on Sunday and Tom and I went away for the weekend.

We had a great a weekend! We kept going back and forth between leaving Saturday or Friday. There was so much to do around activities on Friday, Michelle to work on Saturday (although she had rides lined up), the dump run to do. Tom said we'd leave by 11 on Saturday morning and I was ok with that, kind of. The girls kept saying it was silly to spend the money and no even have 24hrs in a room and I agreed. So Thursday I worked on Tom a bit and he agreed that we'd leave after work on Friday! Yippee!

Friday was a busy day and thankfully Michelle had it off. She worked around here with me and kept the little ones busy when I needed them to. I booked our hotel room for the weekend. It was SO hard to push that pay button. So much money for something so frivolous. But then someone reminded's an investment in our marriage. One we really needed to make. So it was bit easier to swallow. I made phone calls and got arrangements worked out for the kids' rides on Friday night. Saturday was a feast at church and the kids were kind of on their own about those arrangements since I wasn't sure what time it couldn't make set plans for it. Tom walked in the door at 4:10, we walked out the door shortly after 5. Stopped by Della's and then hit a few stores for snacks and essentials (Underwear are kept in the bathroom. Tom was in the bathroom when I was packing. I never went in after he was done so forgot to pack underwear! lol). We ran through Arby's drive thru for dinner and then jumped on the thruway shortly after 6. We crossed the Canadian border by 8:30! (Why do I get so nervous at border crossings? It's not like I have a warrant out for my arrest or anything!)

We stayed at a Country Inn and Suites and it wasn't half bad. We got a little lost when trying finding it (I was driving so tons of fun for me...NOT!) and laughed when we finally saw where it was. It was right next door to the hotel we stayed at last February when we took the kids to the waterpark. We were RIGHT there when we first came into Niagara Falls, we just didn't know it. So we figured the driving tour of the area was a bonus, just wish it wasn't so nervewracking with all the pedestrians and such.

I'd reserved a whirlpool suite. I figured it was the weekend and the hotel would be crawling with kids. I wasn't too fond of the idea of spending my time trying to relax in a hottub with someone else's splashy kids. So the plan was to not have to go into the public area to relax. It was a good thing I did since the pool and hottub were closed until April 30th anyways. :o) The only problem...our 2 person jacuzzi was made for 2 kids and the jets were all at the bottom half of the heart shaped tub!!! Who doesn't put jets in a whirlpool so that it'll hit the user's back? Oh well, we made the best of it. So what if only one of us could use the jets on our backs at a time and your left arm had to rest ontop of the faucet. At least we HAD the jets and could use it in peace...whenever we wanted!

It was so nice out that we dumped our things in our room and went out for a walk. We walked down Victoria Ave until it turned into another street. We finally turned around when we started looking around and thinking...should we be here? Is it safe? At least we were away from our "friend". A beggar decided to target us for his wrath. He was in an electric wheelchair with a beer in his hand and sign around his neck saying he needed money for a new leg. We walked past him and were talking when we heard BEEP! BEEP! Then the guy yell...GET OUT OF THE WAY as he buzzed really past us really fast. Then he stopped up ahead of us and when we ignored him...he did it again. On the third or forth pass we finally crossed the street. I almost expected him to follow us. We ran into him again on Saturday but luckily he had bigger fish to fry by then.

We eventually ended up standing in front of the American falls with the Canadian falls to our left. I was so glad it was night because I started crying. Tom asked me if I was thinking of the guy who went over the falls last time we were there. I said yeah and other things. It all came back to Billy. WHY? Who would think that things were so bad that it wasn't worth living for? To be able to do what they were thinking of doing, knowing that it would be the last thing they EVER did. Considering that I've battled depression, I guess it's a good thing that I can't imagine or understand it. Although it makes it hard to live with in your life.

Saturday was a beautiful day and we spent it outside on and off all day. Well, after breakfast and Tom taking a nap. I crocheted while he slept. We walked down to Table Rock (top of the Canadian falls) and back, stopping to get cooled off in the mist of the falls. We went to the casino where I blew $5. Then the next $5 saw me double my money. Tom and I had made a deal that if we doubled our money, you had to cash out. I was hitting the machines just right and the planned worked, we walked out of there with about $60 extra. We now had money to "play" with and could keep the money we brought in our pocket. We went back to our room, had a snack and watched the food network...why do we always end up watching that channel? Then back out for a walk. This time it was back to the American falls and then onto the Rainbow bridge. We walked to the center of it and straddled the US/Canada border. We didn't think about having to go back through customs again on the way back. Luckily I had Tom carry my driver's license incase I got proofed at a bar or the casino (wishful thinking? lol) Otherwise I'd probably still be standing on the bridge because the US wouldn't have let me back home either. We explained that our birth certificates were in my purse in our hotel room with all our other things. She believed us and let us back in. Of course we had to go through the casino to get to our room and my winnings dwindled a little bit. While relaxing in our room, we decided since we weren't spending any of OUR money at the casino, we'd splurge on dinner. We decided to go back to the casino and play the rest of the money and then go to the casino's buffet. The money went fast and it came the time when we thought we'd eat, but neither of us was very hungry yet. So back out for a walk we went. We realized it had gotten late, the buffet was almost closed. It had also started to sprinkle so we changed plans, grabbed two $5 footlongs (canadian even!) at subway...a meatball one to split now, a coldcut one for tomorrow's lunch and back to our room we went.

I was missing the kids, kept wondering how Sean was doing without me. I was tempted to call and find out but decided it wouldn't do any of us any good. I'd be upset and stressed if things weren't going well. Sean would be upset if he got wind that I was on the phone. Michelle would probably lie and say things were fine anyways. Not to mention I'd get extra charges on my phone for being out of the country. So the calls stayed unmade. I did call on the way home though, almost as soon as we crossed back into the US. lol

Sunday we had breakfast, packed up, moved the car to the casino lot, walked around and then hit the souvenir shop to use up our Canadian money. We bought the kids each something. When checking out, I made a comment to the cashier about the total. Tom mentioned that if I didn't have 12 kids, then I wouldn't have had to have spent so much. I admitted it was all my doing and I made him admit he just HAD to tell someone at least once while we were gone. The lady was really sweet and had tons of compliments for both of us, including a sincere God Bless You!

Then it was back in the car and over the border we went. The line we got in was short or so we thought. There were three of us in line, yet the lines on either side of us were flying by. The guard in our line made the first car pull over into a lot, I'm assuming to be searched. The second car took just as long. He was brusque when speaking but while taking a bit longer then the other guards, he didn't take as long with us as the other two cars in front of us. As we pulled away I said to Tom...he could've at least said Hi or Welcome back or even a Welcome to the United States, heck I'd have taken a good bye or drive carefully. but nope all we got was can go. Why thank you all great and powerful border crossing guard. We bow at your feet in gratitude. I know...he's just doing his job.

I tried to convince Tom we needed to stop at the outlet mall on the way home. Not for one exit on the thruway but for two. He wouldn't have any of it. Not that I expected him to. He's not a shopper and detests going in stores. I almost beaned him after we passed the last exit for the mall when he asked me...can you get things really cheap there? YES!!!! It's why I go there!!! The next exit was home and I was getting excited. Usually on the way home I get the dreaded OH no back to reality thought. This time it wasn't happening. Not that Tom and I didn't have a good time or desire more time together. I told him that these trips make me wish he was retiring sooner then he already is planning on. Although I also put out the dislaimer that I may change my mind on that thought at any time. We ran to the store after getting off the thruway and grabbed a 5 pkgs of meat for $19.99 deal, 2 bags of salt potatoes and 2 small cakes for Drew's birthday dinner.

We pulled into the driveway to see Eileen carrying a tear streaked Sean around the yard. It was the only way he'd stop crying. I thought he'd dive into my hands when he saw me. He looked a little confused actually. As soon as I sat down he dove to be nursed. I was happy to oblige since I was extremely sore and engorged. He tried to nurse all evening long. We all ended up outside sitting around the grill. It was delicious dinner with dancing bats as entertainment. They were circling us for most of the meal. Then back into the house to sing Drew Happy Birthday and cut the cakes. A yummy ending to a delicious weekend.


Thia said...

What a wonderful weekend!

Denise said...

Glad to hear you had a nice get away!!!

Happy Belated Birthday to Drew! Our kids are getting so OLD!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I have been reading your blog for some time now and didn't realize that you were so close to Canada. I live about 45 minutes to Niagara Falls on the Canadian side.

Sounds like you guys had a nice quiet relaxing time. My husband and I may end up going to the Falls for our anniversary in June.


Busy Working Mom said...

I'm glad you had a great time with your family on your get away. It's truly a memorable birthday for Drew. I wish you guys the best!