Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Luke's another year older

Yesterday was Luke's 17th birthday...and I wasn't home for it. (had beer pouring) Feeling a little bit guilty over it I decided to make it a Luke and Mom night on Monday. We took Michelle to work at 4 and then went shopping for sneaks. He hadn't told me until last week but both his sneaks were ripped out in like 5 places. I shouldn't be surprised, I bought those for him at the start of school LAST year. Being that they're his only shoes, it was kind of important to replace them. He found a pair he liked at the second store we tried. As a bonus he also found a new hoodie. He wears those instead of coats all year long (I even bought him a winter coat but it stays on the hanger).

The next stop was the video game store where we drooled over a few games. I got all excited when I saw the poster for Final Fantasy XIII and that it was for the Xbox 360. I've been saying I'm going to buy a Playstation 2 just so we can play FF X and Kingdom Hearts again (and a decent game of DDR...we don't care for the Xbox version). When I mentioned to Luke we could get it for his birthday he was reluctant to say yes. He knew it was a bit more then I normally spend for birthdays. Then he had the idea that we could get it for both of us since my birthday is in a few weeks. lol Sounds like a plan to me. Now to wait for it to come out (release date is the 9th), and the funds to be available.

Oh this is shaping up to be a grand day. I climbed out of bed to Tom swearing his head off in the basement. Seems he smashed his foot into something down there and is pretty sure he broke some toes. The boys both say they aren't feeling so good. Carrie isn't feeling great either but she got up and got ready for school (picked her up from school yesterday because her stomach was bothering her). Then I tore the livingroom apart looking for Eileen's agenda planner (school issued and the kid HAVE to have them). We looked last night and couldn't find it and still no luck this morning. She was refusing to get on the bus without it since it had all her work she needed for today in it. While fighting her about missing a day because of a book, Carrie ran out the door because the bus was pulling up to the house. She slipped on the porch and landed squarely on her knee which bruised immediately. I waved the bus on with Carrie on the ground crying. Then to top things off while Eileen was filling a baggie with some ice for Carrie she happened to notice a phone laying in the trash's TOM'S!!! So now he's at work without his work phone and probably scrambling to try to find it. There was some dampness in the battery compartment so I took it out and it's drying now. Hopefully he'll call me from his office phone soon. Now to get Olivia up for school and have Eileen keep tearing the house apart looking for her book.

PHEW!! Agenda planner found in Michelle's and Val's room. Eileen forgot she was in there last night to talk to Michelle. But wait! Where's the essay? So then it was a mad scramble to find THAT. After scouring the house AGAIN and Eileen checking her planner twice...I checked and found it in the planner. UGH! It's only 8:40 and I need a nap and have the start of a headache. Olivia and Eileen are outside waiting for the bus (Olivia almost fell down the porch stairs too) Carrie is back in bed. Jake is down here now cuddling on the couch with Sean. I guess they are planning on watching a movie. I just want to sit with my coffee and then my crochet, but I can't. This place is a mess from being searched and there's laundry to be done.

Oh wait! I was talking about my date with Luke on Monday night, wasn't I. The idea was that Luke and I would get this sneaks, maybe a few groceries, grab a bite to eat and then go home...taking a few hours. Tom would then pick up Michelle at 9. It didn't work out that way. Luke decided he wanted Chinese so that's where we went. We talked and we talked and we talked some more. I think the kid talked more to me that night then he's talked to me in the last 3 yrs combined. He's one of my kids that I worry about getting lost in the shuffle. He's pretty shy, easy going and very quiet. He can talk to you about almost any subject...he's a walking encyclopedia (reminds me of Billy in that sense) but to get him to start talking about it is another matter. We had so much fun hanging out and talking that we decided to just stick around the city for a few more hours until Michelle got out of work. After dinner we went to the grocery store, then visited the puppies and fish at the pet store. We perused AC Moore. I was hoping I could find him some ceramic things to work with. (we talked about buying a kiln for him lol) I had him petting the yarn and was encouraging him to take up crocheting (he's used a round loom before). Then it was onto Big Lots and a trip around Michelle's work before they closed up.

We were laughing as we walked in the house because we'd both at the same time said...That was fun! It made my day when he said...I enjoyed that, thank you Mommy.

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