Thursday, March 29, 2012

Here I sit

and all I can hear is the roaring of my computer fan...NICE!    It's late but I took a nap I guess.   I was exhausted tonight so when I laid down with Sean and Danielle just before 9, I went out like a light.   I woke up when Tom came into bed and then fell asleep again.   Finally I woke up for good, or so I thought.  Then I came out into the living room with kids still up and doing things.   I looked at the clock to check the time before I started yelling at them for staying up so late only to was 11:30!!!   Are you kidding me!  I thought it was like 3am.   Now most normal people would think......oh yeah!  Tons of time I didn't know I had! I can get some things done.  Not me, I've been sitting on the couch engrossed in Criminal Minds and Without a Trace shows for the last 4 hours.

Taking Danielle to McDonald's was fun.  She was surprised to discover that I didn't have Sean with me when I picked her up.   She thought we'd gone over to Della's and were getting her up "on the way home".   Well I canceled on account of not having propane, lack of a shower or clean clothes.   I love having one on one time with my kids!   Her mouth didn't stop for a second.  I heard all about playing with Charlotte and Charlotte's friend on the playground.  Do you know Charlotte's friend is named Abigail.  Isn't it amazing..... she has a best friend with the same name as her sister.  Apparently Danielle thinks so.   I was only going to get a hot fudge sundae for myself but decided at the last minute to order a happy meal to bring home to Sean.   The poor kid,  I think he's only had them a few times.   I told the big kids...I used to buy them for you all the time when they had good prizes like mini barbies,  madame alexander dolls, and such.   Of course back then they were only $2.  Since when did they resize the fries in the happy meals!?!?!  They used to get a small/value fry, now they're some rinky dinky cardboard container that mimics  the large fry one.   For Danielle the fries are the best part (since she doesn't like hamburgers which was news to me).   Anyways, we talked, ate and got home in time to pass her bus a few doors down from our house.

So today is my 47th birthday..    I've already declared that there's no such thing as calories today after snacking on a bowl of homemade kettle corn (with brown sugar and real butter.......yum!) and some microwaved pepperoni's.   Then I wonder why my scale says the numbers that it does.   Della gave me some resistance bands to use to get in shape. (along with a shirt and a box of chocolate bars!)  It's the best thing since the main feature that bothers me about myself is how large my arms are.  What was once chiseled muscle is now flapping flab.   Problem is, I have to USE the bands to see any benefit from them. *grumble grumble*.   Carrie already gave me a card she made me and huge hugs and kisses.  I told Sean all I wanted for my birthday was hugs and kisses all day.  He wasn't really gungho on the idea for some reason.     I told Val I'd take a facial and my eyebrows waxed if she felt like it.  My guess is going to be she doesn't feel like it.  Liz already gave me my present.  She switched days with someone so she'd have this day off and I wouldn't have to drive her.   Of course she had ulterior motives for doing it in the first place but that's ok, I'll take it anyways.   And now I get to enjoy a few hours of total peace and quiet in here.  It's almost to the point that I hate to waste it by going to bed but my eyes are saying I should.   Besides, who wants to feel like they need to go to bed by 8pm on their birthday!   So I guess I'll try to get some more sleep.   If I'm unsuccessful, I may be back to ramble some more..   Night



Thia said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! I hope you have a lovely day!

I'm laughing about the Happy Meals. They are a once a year thing around here. At first it was once a year because of desperate situations (like when we were moving). And they didn't like them!!! Now they appreciate a good Happy Meal and we will do them for birthdays.

~Tammy~ said...

Happy Birthday Kim! hope it was a great one.

NannyOgg said...

Happy birthday!!!! Hope you had a good day and got some time for YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Truth said...

Happy zbirthday Kim! Hope you enjoyed every minute of it. I just turned 50 so I'm way ahead of you.