Thursday, September 15, 2005

Being a little self centered for a while...

I'll include misc. news at the end too...just so it's TOTALLY not all about me. LOL

I've been wanting to start toward a healthier body. I told myself that I'd stick with my diabetic diet. Even if I'm not a type 2 diabetic...I'm on the brink of it and it's only a matter of time. So I may as well get into the thick of things now instead of after the fact. Well so much for that, it's almost 3wks and I've barely followed it, I've also barely tested my glucose levels. I do a fasting test EVERY mornign it's not totally bad. From what I can see I'm at pre-diabetic levels with fastings from 102 to 127...a lot in the 1teens range. I'm not really sure what this dr will do. I know my GP would be agressive about it because as he says..."with your family's best" My bloodpressure is also borderline even with me taking meds. I'm getting a lot of 140/90 readings. I'm nursing so can't take my old bp meds which did a fine job controlling things. I'm not sure I can be upped on what I'm taking now.

I've been wanting to step on a scale and missed the chance at the Ped's office yesterday. I'm really curious where my weight is. I feel like all I'm doing is eating and I'm still always hungry. I'm always like this after delivery. Just hope that it's not negatively affecting me right now. I'm feeling like I lost a significant amount. My jeans skirt is a lot looser on me then it was in December when I bought it. I'm just not sure if it's due to weight/inches lost or that I stretched it out a lot, wearing it while pg (it was my main skirt for my whole pg). My mom insists denim doesn't stretch that much but I'm not so sure about that POV. I know that I lost some inches...just not sure if it's the 3 my skirt waistband is hinting at.

The dr mentioned yesterday that Carrie needs to try to lose the weight in her gut area. He's not saying she's overweight and needs to diet (although sticking close to a diabetic diet would be a good idea for her)...she just has to watch what area the weight is distributed to. We've known that she was going to have to be more active then normal in order to stay in shape (her bone marrow transplant has messed up her metabolism) I've had my eye on Ebay for Walk away the Pounds (WATP) and Winsor Pilates (WP) videos/dvds. I asked Carrie if she'd be interested in doing them with me in the morning and she seemed encouraged to try it out. :o) I'm also hoping Michelle will be joining us. Next step is to actually BUY them!

The girls took a pic of me this weekend. I was laughing because when looking at it all I could see was my wide arms. I guess that's a good thing when the body part that bothers you most is your arms. Especially since it used to be my "pg looking even when not pg" belly. Here's the pic (don't mind the tired face). I'm also posting a picture from last Sept. I want to try on this outfit now but haven't gotten to it yet. (also have my one piece control panel undergarmet on in last year's pic)

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by
left...9/05 right...9/04

Hope to be able to post a pic next Sept with a HUGE difference to show.


** Drew and Pat have jobs! They are going through a temp agency (all factories around here hire through them now). The job is at a box making factory making $9 an hour. The amount of hours and days they work isn't set in stone yet (have to call tomorrow) and will vary. They already called Pat today and asked him to work 11hrs. Problem was...he needed to be there in half an hour. He wasn't ready to walk out the door and it takes at least 20-30 mins to get there.

** I put Danielle on the dr's baby scale yesterday. She now weighs 8lbs even! Not too shabby. She still looks like she has nothing to her. LOL She's starting to be more intuned to those of us around here.

** Eileen seems to be ok about school...for now. She was iffy the first week. Tomorrow is her first spelling test. Unlike last year when she was in tears over it...she thinks this year it's a breeze. LOL Could it be because she's already BTDT ;o)

I'm sure there was more misc news I wanted to report on but can't think of it now. Have to get ready to go out the door for Carrie's x-rays.

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Lisa said...

I think you look great. I'm always famished when nursing those first few (umm, ok about 6) months.