Thursday, September 15, 2005

Holy Heavy Eyelids Batman!

*inserts toothpicks* I'm dragging today. Yesterday proved to be one of those days when being a parent is exhausting, no matter how many kids you have. lol I'd decided to get my act together and make my OB appt. I'm suppose to go in 3wks PP so we could make some decisions about my blood pressure meds and whether there's a type 2 diabetes or no diabetes situation. I'm at a lost as to what I think he'll do about either. My appt is the 23rd.

Tues night I'd checked Carrie blood sugar after dinner and got 253! This led to me checking her fasting number yesterday morning...157...WAY to high! Since I was getting my act together about MY dr's appts, I decided to be on the ball about this with Carrie. I called Sue up at the KNOT (Kids not on Therapy) Clinic to see if she'd been keeping track of her A1c levels. She hadn't but had tested her urine for glucose. It's always been negative but to me that doesn't mean much since my MIL had glucose numbers in the 300-400 range and never threw glucose in her urine. She's also only tested her glucose blood levels which were borderline or a tad high (and she'd rationalized it to eating cookies at the clinic, etc). She suggested that I contact her ped and have him run some tests. So I called for an appt...hoping to get her in on the 23rd when I had my appt (have to conserve gas!). They had me bring her in at 4:30 that afternoon!

It took a while for us to be seen (usually does at that time of the day since the dr takes his own sweet time with each patient). He took FOREVER with us! I got a referral for a Dermatologist consult since she's at a high risk of skin cancer due to having Total Body Irradiation during her bone marrow transplant. He was checking her over and asked if "this" was what I was concerned about...pointing to a mole on her back. I said no, THIS is the spot that I've been watching for 3yrs. He says....Oh yeah that definitely would cause me more concern then the spot I originially saw. YIKES! So now I'm wondering just how much of a fielddays the Derm is going to have with her. He also said he wanted to get an xray of a bump she's had on her knee since June (fell down and hit it at the end of school). He's wondering if she has a bonechip in there. He took forever to try to get a good vein to take the blood for her glucose and A1C tests. Nothing looked good so he reluctantly attempted to draw it from her hand. She was being VERY stingy and he couldn't get more then 3ccs no matter what and how much he tried. She was a real trooper through the whole thing even though I know it hurt. She's being reseen on the 23rd after my dr appt. We finally got out of there at 7 and went right home.

I'd forgotten that Tom had a clambake to attend and wasn't coming right home. None of the kids took the incentive to cook since they will be home in a few minutes. I hadn't given instructions on what to make since I thought we'd be home fairly quickly or Tom could figure something out. So I walk in the door at 7:25 and start to make dinner. While standing at the stove I see Carrie walking toward the fridge and then hear her scream. She's bleeding from her foot all over the floor. I grab a washcloth and have Drew carry her to the couch. She sliced her big toe open pretty deeply. Seems her foot came down on a half filled garbage bag that was sitting on the floor next to the fridge (when it's too full for the garbage can it then is taken out and sits around for a day or so so we can fill it further) She must have caught the edge of a 28oz can lid. I didn't see where the can lid sliced the garbage bag but it's the only thing that could have done that type of damage that easily. So here it is now at 7:40 and I'm planning on making a trip to the ER.

Liz volunteers to sit with Carrie,applying pressure to her toe and I get back to making dinner. It's 10mins to 8, the kids haven't eaten, some JUST started their homework and bedtime in coming up QUICKLY! I got ahold of Tom who is pulling out of the clambake parking lot. The bleeding has slowed down a lot but it's restarting as soon as you let up pressure or she moves her toe. I calm her down, we eat, I feed and change Danielle and try to direct the kids toward bed. By the time we finally get out the door (Michelle came to help out) and get to the hospital it's about 10. Carrie was triaged around 12:30 and we were called into an exam room about 2. She ended up with 3 stitches, I think he should have given her 4 but what do I know. We pulled into our driveway about 3am *yawn*

The dr's office called this morning. Carrie has an appt for her xray at 4 today (so much for trying to conserve gas), her derm appt is in Oct but is for 8:30am. There's NO way I can do that since I have to get kids on the bus at that I'll have to reschedule. Oh yeah and Dr G put a note in to let you know...the blood drawn wasn't good enough to do a A1C (it clotted) so he'll redo it on the 23rd. He'll also remove Carrie's stitches on the 23rd. LOL It's less then 7hrs after she gets the put in and they man already has the removal all arranged. I love this guy!

Luckily Danielle cooperated both at the ER and once we got home. I tried to go back to bed once I got the older kids up for first trip. Luke decided to try to take advantage of it and stay in bed. Val realized what he was doing with 5mins left until the bus comes. I had to get up, put on my meany mask and make him go to school. I guess everyone is dragging a little...the first full week of school is always one of the hardest.

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