Friday, September 09, 2005

Happy due date to me!

I pregnancy is done...OVER! *sniff sniff* Please let me have this one last sliver of pregnancy. Believe it or not, I miss being pregnant. I miss my belly, being able to give it a loving rub. I miss having the baby all to myself. To be able to feel her kick and move around and not have to share it with anyone. It was just her and I. The mystery of the unknown...what she was going to look like, how big she was going to be, what her temperament was going to be like. It's all out in the open now.

Don't get me wrong....I LOVE having Danielle in my life and in my arms. (when I get a chance to hold her in my arms that is lol) I'm so glad she's here, and I know that the last 2wks would have been hard and uncomfortable...especially if I was still on bedrest. She's the light of our life and everyone is still over the moon about her. I don't think there's been a baby who's been passed around so much in their short little life.

I often think about her delivery, how difficult it was to relax through it, but also how easy overall it was. It's fun to relive it now that I'm not in the midst of it. Funny how my brain has totally erased her being blue for so long from the experience.

Danielle is one of the best babies I've ever had. She's calm and quiet most of the time. I sometimes think she's TOO calm and quiet for my comfort. Yesterday she was up most of the day and slept all night! I tried to nurse her in the wee morning hours but she didn't stay latched on and fell right back to sleep. Of course I didn't sleep all night. I still had to wake up a zillion times to check to make sure she was safe and still breathing. Today she was semi sleepy but I think being in Walmart for hours had to do with that.

I've had to use not being able to hold Danielle against some of the kids. It's amazing how quickly they move when you tell them how long it'll be before they can hold her again if they don't move. Yesterday Eileen stayed home from school (YES! Already!). She claimed her arms and legs hurt her, after ibuprofen it was then that she a fever (she didn't) and was going to barf. I let her know if she stayed home from school she wouldn't be allowed to hold Danielle for the WHOLE day. She thought she could handle that...about 5pm she realized just how hard that was going to be. This morning the first thing out of her mouth was...Can I hold the baby! I didn't get to hold her ALL day yesterday! It was also her excuse to hold her for an extra long time. We've since talked and she's assured me she won't be staying home from school anymore. LOL

I'm nursing Danielle while typing this up. Olivia in the meantime is trying to pry her from my arms, insisting she's done! Guess I better stop typing so I can save Danielle from being shorted on her dinner. I'm still behind on Jake's and Carrie's birth stories...I'm hoping to get them out this weekend.

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Lori said...

Oh Kim, I can relate! You love having them here, but miss the intimate relationship you had.