Sunday, September 04, 2005

She's official

Well partly official. We received Danielle's birth certificate in the mail yesterday. I wasn't expecting it so quickly. She'll be fully official once her social security card gets here. It's nice to know people will believe me she was born, now that I have the documentation. LOL

Today we're heading out to my uncle's house for the day. It's our annual Labor Day family clambake (my dad's siblings...he's one of 13 children, and their families). I think this has been going on for 39 or 40 years now....might even be more. It'll be fun to go and show off Danielle. It's suppose to be slightly cooler then normal, I hope it's not too chilly for her since we'll be outside all day and evening. The kids are excited even though they really know few people. They always seem to connect with a few of my cousin's kids or grandkids. Weird to think of my cousins as being grandparents, although technically it's not farfetched for me to be one myself. They already have their master egg and waterballoon toss strategy planned out (gentle and arcing throw) and are talking about exactly what they'll be eating (steamed clams, corn on the cobs, salt potatoes, coneys!!!...yummm!).

Need to get ready.

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