Wednesday, September 07, 2005

First day of school

2nd trips kids
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Olivia, Eileen and Jake

I felt bad this morning. I was so busy making sure everything was ok that I forgot it was Carrie's birthday! She had to remind me. Michelle made a cake and I'm making her some chinese dishes for dinner. Not sure exactly what yet, guess I should figure it out since I have to start it SOON!

As I thought would happen, Danielle decided she needed mommy when the 2nd trip kids were getting ready for school. Luckily Michelle was available to help me get their lunches ready. I had to chuckle at how long it took her to do it though. She's such a perfectionist.

It wasn't very quiet here. Pat, Drew and Michelle made sure of that. They even sucked me into a game of Halo 2 while Danielle was sleeping....when I should've been napping or working. I really have to kick their rears out the door to find a job!!! At least they are doing work around here to help out. Incase I was lonely, Tom called me a few times. :o)

It seems to have gone well for the kids. Olivia said she's made some friends but she can't remember their names. I assured her that her friends had forgotten her name also. LOL The big thing today was playing with the blocks. Eileen has mentioned a few new friends, some in class, some on the bus. MY pile of homework is impressive as always. My hand will be cramped by the time I'm done. As soon as they walked in the door they were all falling over each other to get to hold Danielle.

1st trip kids
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Carrie, Luke, Liz, and Val

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4Gifts4Lisa said...

LOL! Let Carrie watch "Sixteen Candles", always good for a laugh...

Glad the day went well...