Friday, September 02, 2005

Our first week

I've started this post a zillion times this week. Either my brain freezes up, I decide I'm too tired to type rationally, or Danielle is in my arms (forgot how hard it was to type with a squirmy newborn lol)

I'm always amazed that something so small can throw so many people for a complete loop. Danielle has made us all gaagaa around here. All day long I have someone clamoring to hold her and then squabbles about who's turn it is, how long someone's had her, etc. For the first time I've started to look forward to school starting (Sept 7th)...just so I can hold MY baby without being bothered. LOL

I've found that I was wrong, a 5yr age gap does NOT stop you from calling the baby the youngest kid's name. I often find myself having to stop and think before I say her name. Maybe I'll just change her name to Oldanielle for convenience's sake. ;o) I guess it's better then what the little kids call her....IT! It started with Jake asking if he could hold it. The funniest was last Saturday when they were climbing over each other to get a chance to hold her (we'd just gotten home). I heard someone call out....Can I play with it next?!?!

She's such a good baby...she hardly cries. I tried to get her crying on video, grabbed my camera and realized I had room on my video card for 11secs of video. She didn't cry long enough to use all 11secs. Me on the otherhand, the waterworks started Wed night, Thursday morning. I even started crying when Tom brought me a cup of coffee one morning. LOL It's not so bad though, I've had worse cases of the blues in the past. A new thing for me though is the shakes. Wed morning I woke up feeling really shakey. I checked my blood pressure and sugar...both weren't that great but not so bad as to make me feel weird. I continued all day. I was talking to D and told her how lousy I felt, she said it's happened to her and the dr said it was hormones. Makes sense I guess.

Other then an occasional random cry the only other complaint I have is that I have a pinched nerve or knotted muscle in my shoulder and neck...from holding Danielle all night I assume. It makes enjoying the time I do get to hold her difficult.I'm sitting here with a rice sock wrapped around my neck as I type. Poor Tom usually has me whining to him each night to try to knead the pain out.

My milk came in faster then I thought it would...I think it was Sunday. Danielle is nursing well. I was concerned that she wasn't nursing on the right side but I think it was just a matter of being too engorged for her to latch on properly. She doesn't do as well on the right side as the left (none of my kids do) but she's emptying it now, so that's good. I've come to realize that bodacious tatas make a big difference in how you appear. My belly hasn't looked this small in years! LOL Too bad they came with a price...OUCH!!! Just having the kids hug me was torture!

I'm starting to get back into the swing of things around here. The amazing thing is the desire to get back into it. Tom has had all week off and been doing a lot of work around here. It's gotten contagious. I wanted to get the laundryroom cleaned up and all the clothes sorted, washed and put away before school started. It's a HUGE job!!! Luckily Tom wants to get it done we're all working on it. Unfortunately the dryer isn't cooperating. I guess we're going to have to buy a new one...hopefully next week. It just irks me that this dryer hasn't even lasted 2.5yrs! (bought it in March of 2003) I'm getting back into my wanting to do everything at once mode though. I want to bake (did make cookies and a few things for dinner), sew (machine is taunting me from the corner of the livingroom), and get things organized...typical beginning of school/fall starting type of activities.

I can't post without mentioning Katrina and the devastation she's inflicted on the south. My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone effected by this terrible thing. I sit here and look at pictures online (no live news stations to watch...which is probably a blessing for me at this point) and think... What would I do? How would I take care of a newborn and 10 other kids in that sitation. It's not even a matter of being ignorant and staying in your home. It's a matter of not being able to do anything else but stay there....whether it be because of finances or just plain inablilty to do it. Even if we did get out and were safe...WHAT would we do then?

Michelle and Val have a friend DA who lives down the street. He moved up here last year from the area that was hit. He's living with his grandmother...his mother, other grandparents, sisters and her girls still live down there in the Gulfport area. Last he heard from them was Sunday morning when his sister called crying...she was in her car. It had broken down on the way out of town and she didn't know what she was going to do. His grandfather was in the hospital with pneumonia before the hurricane hit, he's not sure if he was still admitted when it hit. DA has NO idea if they got out or if they survived. As of last night they still hadn't heard from anyone. :o( Poor kid was so distraught last Sunday after his sister's phone call that he asked to come down here and spend the day. I felt helpless, even more so when I talked to his grandmother two days ago and she was describing what she's heard about her old neighborhood (Rt 10 area) and her friends' situations down there. :o(

It's been comforting to have Danielle to snuggle with during this time. It goes to show that even though there are terrible things going on in this world...there are also miracles and blessings. I have been lucky enough to be on the miracle end of life right now....for that I am grateful!

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