Tuesday, September 06, 2005

The madness begins...

The madness known as the SCHOOLYEAR! Tomorrow is the first day of school for my kids. Tonight is the madness of trying to conform to a schedule, get and keep everything together and of course the all important...figuring out outfits. I have had school supply lists since the end of July. Wouldn't you know it, LAST NIGHT they got into them and now a few are lost! Grrrr! Today Olivia's teacher had a "meet the teacher" day. I had NO idea what time it started...I thought 1-2pm although D said their teacher was doing it 2-3pm. So I made the decision to go at 1:45. I figured we'd either hit the end of it or have to wait a few minutes for it to start. We hit the end.

Olivia is SO excited now!!! She was so big. The teacher gave her a clipboard with a list of things to find in the room. Each thing listed there had a Blue's Clue Pawprint on it, when she'd find it, she'd color in the pawprint on the paper. Was a good exercise to become familiar with the room. She looked so professional carrying the clipboard around. :o) On the way home she kept saying...I can't wait until tomorrow! Guess I don't have to worry about her balking when the bus pulls up. Let's just hope it lasts Her room is right across the hall from Eileen's. I made sure the teacher knew it. We also ran into Eileen's room so Olivia could see where Eileen would be sitting.

Right now the kids are searching for their supply lists so they can make sure they have everything they need. Then it's onto the outfits for the day. Not having a dryer I'll end up having to iron a few things tonight. The only thing we need to think about after that is lunches. After we were done at school today we stopped at Save-a-Lot for a few lunch supplies.

Olivia keeps coming up to me and telling me...Remember Momma..you HAVE to get me up in the morning. Don't forget to get me up! I told her I wasn't going to wake her up because I didn't want her to go. If I'd said that to Eileen before her first day of K or 1st grade she would have taken me up on it and stayed home! LOL

Oops...forgot they need showers. Need to kick some kids into the bathroom. I guess Olivia and Eileen can wait until morning. I need to find my camera and charge the batteries so I can take pics tomorrow morning. It's going to be interesting, Danielle seems to have an awake period during the prime time school getting ready time. I keep reminding myself that I've lived through this before with Carrie. I'm feeling a bit off today. I'm really crampy and had a bit more bleeding then I
ve had in the last few days. At least my shoulder and neck aren't bothering me anymore. Hopefully this new ickiness is short lived.

K, need to get to the ironing.

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