Saturday, September 17, 2005

Stupid Pie!

OK...I spoke too soon. While typing the post below last night I was eating pie. Problem is.....I never checked the nutritional information on the box until AFTER I'd eaten them. Yes them. I'd had 1/16 of a small pie of Apple, Peach and Cherry pie. Then I ate Jake's 1/8th piece he didn't want. *blush* As I was going to get a piece of cherry pie that I REALLY wanted (reason I bought the clearance pies in the first place) I decided to look at the nutritional info. I didn't end up eating the piece of cherry pie. :o(

According to fitday I had eaten just under 900 cals in pie alone!!! Whodathunk? So much for following my diabetes diet. Unlike during my pregnancy it seems I'm going to really have to watch nighttime snacking. I knew it was a problem before I got pg. I thought I was done with it during my pg. Now it's back. Wouldn't you know it...when I got up this morning the rest of the pies were taunting me from their boxes. They didn't win...not totally. (it was only a teeny tiny nibble..really) LOL

Today has been busy but nonproductive. I've been online all day. First it was shopping for a dryer, then it was doing finances, now it's here. I even started playing with the webspace my ISP gives me. Don't ask me what I'm going to do with it...I have NO clue! I haven't even put my exercise dvds in the DVD player yet. LOL Tom just left to rescue Drew. Seems his car is broken down about 45mins away. The rest of the kids are bickering and/or driving me crazy trying to take Danielle from me...asking me a zillion times a day if they can hold her.

Now I'm sitting here, feeling hungry and not having any ideas as to what dinner will be. Oh yeah, Eileen got a 100 +bonus on her spelling test this week. She's off to a good start!

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Kathy said...

Oh I'm way more hungry nursing then I ever was pregnant. I only gained like 12 lbs through pregnancy, lost like 20 after he was born and gained 10 or so back since. It's a rough ride some days.

Hoping for miracles when I finally wean, whenever that may be.