Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Almost over the edge!

If you were driving down my street this morning and you saw me doing a happy dance on the deck of my pool. My apologies. I couldn't help it. I went out to check the pool this morning and found that the water level is JUST about to start going into the skimmer! I was happier then normal because I know that the house well is filled to a great any water we pump today can be used to fill the pool! Wooohooo! Can you guess what I've been doing this week? ;o)

This year the pool saga is going so much better then the last 2yrs. To think, we'll have a WHOLE season to use it! (watch I've probably jinxed myself and the pump won't work or something or other) I even put the solar cover on it for the first time ever. The water right now is numbing...even to put your hand in.

Monday was spent cleaning, maintaining and hooking up the pool filter. As usual I ended up soaked trying to clean it, good thing it was sunny and warm. (yes, it was put away dirty! grrr! *gag*) Michelle played outside with Danielle while I did it. Danielle has a tiny farmer's tan on her forearms and a bit of color to her cheeks. Michelle was out longer and burnt. Danielle loves it outside! Bugs fascinate her...for now. I'm expecting that to change once one actually lands on her. lol We're plagued with blackflies right now so we're pretty itchy. Luckily I didn't have a bad reaction this year (first bites can make me swell up pretty bad). Danielle gave me a scare when I saw blood at the edge of her ear canal. She'd been bit and that's where the blood pooled...phew!

I still have to buy a new pool vacuum head and testing supplies. Hopefully I can get them this week, maybe even tonight. We're heading out shopping after school today. I'd rather do it when everyone's in school but I was asked to wait. Val needs to pick something up and Jake is begging for new sandals. He wasn't with us 2wks ago when I bought most of the kids a pair. We're also still on the prowl for soccer cleats....only a few more weeks until the church soccer tournament. I may see if we can find hand me downs around here for Carrie and Luke. They'll only use them 2 weekends a year. Liz will get a new pair since she'll be trying out for the school team in the fall. (and I'm pretty sure her feet stopped growing!)

Michelle's on the hunt for a pair of shoes for the prom at the end of the month. (going with her boyfriend who's a senior) She bought a knee length with big white polkadots. It also has a pink ribbon sash and trim. It's adorable but there have been a few Minnie Mouse jokes flying around. Val is going with one of her friends who is a junior (small school so junior and senior prom/ball is together). She's borrowing a friend's dress. It's the same length as Michelle's, also black strapless. It's decorated with small irridescent glitter spots. She already found a pair of midheel sandals at Walmart while we were looking at sandals/flipflops. So she's pretty much set.

Oh yeah! I almost forgot I have to find a bridal shower gift for this weekend. My nephew M is getting married next month! :o) This shopping trip is getting a LOT bigger then I thought. I'm not sure there's enough time to get it all done. Oh well, story of my life.

The call came from the Joslin Center....Carrie's bloodwork qualifies her for the final part of the study. I'd scheduled her all day visit for Thursday. Later that afternoon I realized that Carrie had a bowling trip with the sports club Thursday evening. So I called yesterday and rescheduled. We're going in on Tues. I'm not too thrilled to have to drive there. There's major roadwork going on in that part of the city. The main way I go there is shut down and traffic is horrid. I know eventually I'll find my way there...detour signs or not. It's just the idea of driving on roads I'm not as familiar with.

Quite a few of us are coping with a warm weather cold. Tom thinks it's too late in the season for anyone to have cold (especially HIM! LOL) I think he needs to talk to the germs.

With the warm weather comes the homework fight. Everyone wants to be outside and play instead of doing homework. I don't blame them, I do the same with housework. Unfortunately the teachers don't agree. Carrie is having a really difficult time. It just takes her a lot longer to get things done. Monday's are especially hard on her because they have soccer school at 7pm.

Guess I should go do some of that housework. I still need to plan out my grocery shopping and cut a few coupons.

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