Tuesday, July 26, 2005

I finally got in....

the pool! The heat won out today and I couldn't take it anymore. I finally stole a pair of Michelle's shorts and a tank top and went in. Getting in was NO problem...getting out... Weeeell, let's just say the kids got a giggle out of it. I could have probably gotten a job at Seaworld with my whale on the deck impersonation. We don't have a ladder going into the water from our deck (been asking Tom to get it built for quite a few days now). To get out requires you have to jump out of the water and hoist yourself onto the deck. No problem any other time but now....NO WAY! LOL I jumped up and got my belly onto the deck but couldn't put my weight forward so I could swing my legs up. It hurt my belly to rest on it. So I was stuck holding myself above the water, belly gently resting on the deck while I had to ask Liz to swing my legs up out of the water for me. She did it without too much laughing, although there were a few times I thought she was going under in a fit of giggles.

Being in the water felt GREAT! I was floating on my back, looking up at the blue blue sky thinking....this would be a great place to spend my at home time in labor. IF I could go into labor on my own. And IF I could labor AT home instead of the hospital. *heavy sigh* I probably shouldn't dwell on it too much or it'll get downright depressing.

I'd have to make sure that NO kids were allowed in with me. It seems that the whole time I was in the pool the kids thought it was time to talk my ear off. All I wanted to do was zone out, float around and relax in there. What I got was a blow by blow account of the movies that Jake or Carrie watched while away from home. Amongst a zillion....watch me Momma! Watch what I can do! No it's my turn to show mommy something! I was talking to her first. When will it be my turn?

I had to be rude and cut the blow by blows short. Asked them not to ruin the movies for me. I also had to remind them a few times that I was in the pool for ME and to relax. They let me be when I asked....for a few seconds at least

I'm wondering if the intense heat tomorrow will be enough for me to endure another day of ridicule from the masses. I guess I can always lock myself into my air conditioned bedroom. ;o)

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Lisa said...

Glad you enjoyed the pool, and why is it they have a sixth sense to find you and chatter when you'd just like one moment. When I'm working around they don't feel that need, lol.