Monday, July 02, 2007

Is this thing on?

Testing...1...2...3. Hellllloooooo? Where is everyone!?! The birds are up and singing, so why isn't everyone else? LOL Yep, I'm wide awake and bored out of my skull, so excuse my goofiness. I've been awake since about 2:30 or so, laid in bed for an hour and couldn't take it anymore. So here I am!

Laying in bed I got to all my hormonal, poor me, funk. I never talked about what the baby was doing most of the afternoon while I was on edge. He was rolling, kicking, squirming and poking. A lot of it was deep inside but it was all over. There were times when my belly would just be rolling and rolling. I almost said something to Tom on our drive to his friend's house, but greedy me kept it to myself. Of course now the little guy has slowed down and I'm left he ok? Why was he so active before and is quiet now? When was the last time he moved? Luckily he usually obliges me and lets me know things are still ok in there. :o)

Sometimes being a mature, experienced pg lady has it's drawbacks. Like knowing that everything isn't a given. I've had miscarriages...I know getting pg and staying pg isn't always guaranteed. I've had 4 people I know personally who have had babies born at 26wks, the rest between 38-42wks. I know someone who's youngest has cerebral palsy. So even though my amnio said there's no problems...I know I'm not in the clear. And of course there's Carrie, who proves that even though things are perfect and the baby's perfect. Things can change at a moments notice...but that can happen with any of my kids. Oh to be in my 20s when being pg wasn't too much of a blip on the radar, had my babies "worryfree", expected to be pg again within a year or so and that was that. Then again, maybe I prefer this's makes them all so much more special...the miracle that they are. Something to REALLY be appreciated. (don't get me wrong...I still loved, felt blessed and appreciated my babies when I was younger...just in a different way)


Anonymous said...

{{{{ HUGS }}}}


(Our Deer Baby)

Mama26blessings said...

Awww, Kim, I wish we lived close! I'd give you a HUGE hug!! The last few weeks are horrible aren't they?!?! Of course they have their moments when baby is moving, but emotionally...ugh! I've spent many of days crying in my last weeks of pg, crying because the dishes are in the sink, because there is juice on the florr for the MILLIONTH time, because nobody cares that the new babies clothes aren't washed....the list goes on!! I totally agree with you about appreciating the blessing of pregnancy with each subsequent one, i'ts funny because you tend to think that you're most naive and worrisome first time around, but then you realize..NO WAY!! You're doing awesome Mama, hang in there, I will keep you in my prayers!!{{{{HUGS}}}}