Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Times flying again

I can't believe I haven't been in here since Friday. Each day seems to fly by which I know can be a good thing in the last month of pregnancy. When you're not ready though, it's not so great. Seems like everything we did last week is getting undone already. It's been too hot and humid to really do too much so we've been taking it easy, and it's showing.

I had my sister's 3 girls (J, A, and E) here this last weekend. I couldn't give them the excitement that my sister did for my girls...but I think they had fun. Until my sister came to pick them up, then you'd have thought they spent the weekend on a deserted island. lol Amazing phenomenon.

Friday night Tom had a fire for the kids. He had the disco tunes cranked and most everyone was dancing (I was enjoying my rear in the lawn glider). They also got to do a ton of sparklers. BIL B loaded them up with snacks. They stayed up WAAAAAY too late. I heard little feet running down the hall at 2am and had to shooo the little girls back up into bed.

Saturday I mentioned that it was 07/07/07 which was a good reason for a party. The big girls decided that since Liz hadn't had a friend's birthday party they'd throw her one that day. They planned and cooked dinner, made a cake, picked flowers and laid out a tablecloth on the picnic table. Then they dressed up in prom dresses and played basketball. Liz was upset because she couldn't find the camera she just bought the week before (with birthday money). When the girls announced it was time to open presents she was surprised to receive....a almost new digital camera!!! LOL Mystery solved. Unfortunately the activities took a hit when at dinner it was decided that J was coming down with pink eye. By late night she looked and felt terrible. Luckily I had drops here from when we had it 2wks ago.

Sunday J woke up still not feeling so great but she didn't want her mom to come pick her I waited to call my sister. Some ibuprofen and claratin seemed to ease things up a bit. Most of the day the kids spent in and out of the pool. My sister came and picked up the girls around dinner time. They were all shot and looked like they needed a nap.

Monday was spent mostly trying to stay cool. Temps were in the mid 90s with really high humidity. SIL D and I headed out to the store since I was out of a lot of important things. Unfortunately before we could get to the store we broken down! D called AAA and then her son to come pick us up. Then M, one of the boys from church drove by in his truck with a few other kids. They pushed us off the busy road. I switched places with one of D's boys. Fortunately M didn't mind taking me to Walmart so I could at least get the essential things. Him and N even helped me unload the truck when we got to my house. :o) Heat and breathingwise was ok until dinner time, then I couldn't breathe in the house. I headed out the door to sit with Tom and BIL B. I was VERY thankful for the A/C unit in my bedroom when it came time for bed. I know I survived many a summers like this with other pregnancies. Still I do NOT want to have to think about dealing with the humidity and trying to sleep.

Tuesday I woke up with PINK EYE! Oh joy! The kids were fooling around saying I couldn't hold the new baby now. Carrie also woke up with poison ivy all over her face, hands, belly and legs. So into the peds we go. We didn't want to give her prednisone because it sends her sugar levels through the roof. So we opted for a prescription steriod cream and a back up of low dose prednisone if the cream didn't help enough (face was swelling as we sat there....hate when it heads for the eyes). My sister called and told me that J is almost over with pink eye but also has poison ivy. A and E had just gotten the pink eye but the drops I sent home were helping.

Today is Tom's birthday! Poor guy isn't getting too much of a party. We're considering having a cookout on the weekend though. Depends on how the house cleans up in the next few days. The little kids spent most of the morning making him cards. Eileen and Olivia just took a box up into their room and came down with "presents" for him. I'm sure he'll be tickled.

I was suppose to go into my mom's tonight. My cousin from Florida was suppose to land at 7pm and is staying at my parents' house for the next 10 days. We talk often on the phone, so most of the visit will be centered around spending time with me and my family. I told her she might even be able to be here when the baby is born! :o) I said SUPPOSE to go in bwecause now her flight has been delayed until 10:30pm tonight. So doesn't make sense for me to drive 45mins to visit for an hour or so. They'll probably be exhausted anyways. I won't be able to get into my mom's until tomorrow night.

Tommorrow is my 37wks dr appt! Luke and Jake are the guests for the event. If Dr B is there I assume we'll discuss when we'll be thinking of starting my induction. I hope he decides to do a sono so we can figure out position (I can't tell this time!) and approx weight. Plus I like to get peeks of my babies. I've missed my weekly BPP (biophysical profiles) like I had with Danielle's pg.

Today I got a little bit emotional. Again nothing specific, just a bunch of stuff like last week. Mostly that time is flying and I'm not as ready as I'd like to be (and normally am) by now. I keep trying to remind myself that no matter what, we'll survive. As long as the baby and I get through delivery fine (not that I anticipate we won't) is the only thing that matters in the end. Everything else is just icing on the cake.

Oh I never mentioned that my mom bought tickets for herself, my sister, a few aunts and me to see the musical Menopause. She went to see it on June 24th and loved it so much that she wants us to go. The tickets are for the show on the 22nd. I told her I couldn't promise that I could make it but I'd love to go. She says you start laughing from the first song and don't stop until the end. So now she wants me to tell DR B that he can't induce me until the 23rd. That I need to relax and have a good bellylaugh before this baby is born. She also assured me that she could find someone to take my place if I HAVE to miss it. :o) I found out later that a few of the women from church are thinking of going to see it also.

Well need to go start Tom's birthday dinner (whatever it's going to be... probably tacos) Will update Thurs or Fri night about my dr appt.

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