Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Now that the pity party is over

OK so I wallowed in some self pity for a few days. Monday was a so so day I realized that I hadn't even thought about packing a hospital bag or what I'd need once I was home from the hospital. Val had a dr appt that day and we were planning on going I did! I'm now stocked in wipes, sanitary and nursing pads. (had bought a pk of newborn diapers a few weeks ago...they are SO tiny!!!) We looked at nightgowns. I decided it was silly to get one if I'm only going to be in the hospital for 24hrs like after Danielle. BUT I told Michelle, if for some reason (c-section or whatever) I'm in longer...MAKE dad stop and buy me THIS gown! LOL I also bought 3 preemie sized sleeveless rompers. I was a bit reluctant since I have NO idea how big this guy is. But it should fit him for at least the first week. There's nothing sadder then a baby in baggy clothes. ;o)

Yesterday it finally hit me, either I get up and do things or shut up about it! I sorted the basket of baby boy clothes I had. Seems I don't have as many newborn things I thought I did. But I'm still good. Most of it was 6-9mo stuff. I'll resort after I wash everything and reassess what I think I need. I also know that SIL D has some things for me already. Main thing I can think of is a lightweight general blanket and some socks.

Then I hit my room. I've managed to thoroughly clean parts of my room here and there. But I can't remember the last time I gave my room a DEEP cleaning. It's probably before Eileen was born and she'll be 9 soon. It doesn't help that my room is the room where everything no one knows what to do with goes, outgrown clothes intended to be given away and such. At first I just moved things around quite a bit (very inefficient, I know). Then it got down to the nitty gritty and we started throwing things away. (Michelle came in and worked with me) I'm ashamed to admit we took out 6 30gal size trash bags of STUFF. My overflowing baskets of laundry are now HUGE mounds of it. Before going to bed I felt depression start welling up again. With 5+ hrs of work my room still looks like it needs to be picked up. Tom told me that was silly, that I did a LOT of work and should be proud of what we've accomplished. He's right. If only I could figure out how to neatly store all my fabric. It's the biggest mess maker in my room and closet right now. I'm hoping to get in there and finish up today.

Last night in chat someone mentioned me nesting. I said I didn't think I was, or if I was it was a forced one. Either way I've noticed I'm motivated! I'm seeing things I want to get done and am actually planning on doing. (washing windows and walls, cleaning cupboards, reorganizing closets, picking and putting up the cherries on our tree, painting...which I know I'll never get to) Maybe I am nesting. Whatever you call it, I hope it sticks around for a while!

Today is my uncle's big 4th of July party. Everyone is bummed here that we can't go. Our van isn't legal right now. Seems because we bought it from Kentucky and it was salvaged we have to jump through some redtape to get it reregistered. So it's been "off the road" since June 10th. We're (Tom, Pat and I) sharing a tiny Toyota Tercel right now. Gets great gas mileage, especially compared to the van. But I can only take 3 or 4 other people with me. We're managing but it's a huge pain when all anyone wants to do is go and do things for summer vacation. (It's a 2 door and is going to be hard with the new baby and an infant seat) Hopefully things will be straightened out soon and I can have my people mover back.

OK...all this talk about getting and keeping motivated is great. Now to act on it. Tom's up. He was sleeping in after having to go into work at 2am last night. So I can get in my bedroom now. I think it's catching on here. Seems the girls are devising a room change. The only problem is going to be trying to move the huge bunkbed downstairs. I think they can handle the rest.


NannyOgg said...

Sounds like nesting to me ^^

Glad you are getting stuff done, I am happy for you.


holly said...

You sound like me in the organization/getting stuff done department. My problem is just that I keep thinking "someone" will need it, so why get rid of it, but then where to put it. I am deep cleaning myself. I forced hubby to take a week off and am using him to help with the kids and me. Its working....I will keep you in mind as I am decluttering.