Friday, July 06, 2007

Out the door, nothing accomplished at home

Eileen, Olivia and I were out the door shortly after 10 for my OB appt (36wks). I wondered if they want to do cultures or not and they did. Eileen was SO embarrassed about the whole thing. Dr B was at the hospital so I was able to see the MW. :o) I think if Dr B had been there and done the cultures it would've been too much for Eileen to handle. lol My weight stayed the same from last week. My blood pressure as 122/80. I didn't bring my sugar numbers in because....I CAN'T find my glucometer since Tues night or Wed morning!!!! My backup meter is giving me really freaky numbers that can't be right. Since Dr B wasn't there we couldn't discuss whether I should be planning an induction in 2wks or not. Hmmmm maybe Dr B can be at the hospital EVERY week when I have appts and it'll never be planned. Then I'd can go on my own!!! (Hey a girl can dream!) Going back in in a week. We didn't schedule a sono like Dr B had mentioned the previous week, so not sure what'll happen with that. Would be nice to know the baby's position, approx size and whatnot.

I got the girls in to get throat cultures done. It's been bothering Eileen a lot since Tues. Olivia isn't complaining but talks like she has a sore throat. If I recall correctly the last time the girls spent the night at my sister's they came down with strep a few days later. I'm just hoping if it is strep that we can keep it contained to the girls and be done with it quickly. Do NOT want to welcome this little guy into a house of sick kids.

Our next stop was lunch. When I took the first group to my appt with me (oldest girls). I made the mistake of taking them out for chinese. So now each group wants to also go there. Poor me chinese buffet at least once a week. Would be nice if I didn't get so full so quickly. Oh well, it's not like we're doing a ton of stuff for summer vacation. So might as well treat them when we are out. I was happy since they buffet had lots of different veggie combos on it. It's nice when you've been looking forward to zucchini (not getting it from the garden yet) and find it all cooked up for you there. YUM!

We were tight for time because Pat needed the car for work. So we skimmed the Salvation Army thrift store quickly. I found 2 upholstered and chrome kitchen chairs for $12 which we really need!!! Trying to get them into the tiny Tercel was a joke and a half....especially in the rain! I can't describe how they ended up fitting but let's just say it was interesting. The girls were not amused, they thought I was going to crash having to drive with chair legs under my armpits. I also bought the girls some shirts and 4 sleepers...2 NB size terry ones (yellow and blue), 2 0-3mos or 3mos with ducks and the other striped.

By the time I finished wrestling chairs into the car we had 45mins in Walmart. I KNEW it wasn't enough time and I should've just went home. Thing is, I really wanted to get some containers so I could take care of my fabric. So we ran but not fast enough. For the baby I bought 2 blankets...a double layered cotton one, a cheap fleece one, a 6pk of newborn socks, a 3pk of sleepers, and a pair of 0-3mos soft shoes that were clearanced. I'm going to check through my things again and see about a jacket/sweater. It's the only thing I feel that's needed now. Although I'm pretty sure it'll be pretty warm out when he's born, so the blankets might be enough. It's not like I'm delivering in Nov without one. Plus he'll be swaddled for at least a week or so. Thinking about packing stuff for him I wondered what his going home outfit would be. I don't really have a special thing for him to wear like I have with the others. (poor 12th kid...neglected already!) Do you think his psyche will be messed up if I take him home in just a cute onsie and not a little man outfit? ;o)

So now we're suppose to be half way home and we're not even in the car yet. UGH! I hate running against the clock all the time! We get out into the parking lot and can't find the tiny Tercel. It's so much easier with my huge van! We meander through the parking lot a bit and Eileen is getting freaked out. She stomach doesn't feel good and I only get like this when I'm nervous. I'm trying to calm her and not blow up because after all Pat's waiting for us. Finally I figured out we went in the OTHER entrance and the car is on the opposite side of the lot. We then find it immediately. I load things in and take off as "legal" as possible. Needless to say we left Pat with not enough time. I think he was a few minutes late. I'm left feeling really bad until I realize...WAIT!!! It's not MY fault he got in the accident with our green car and doesn't have anything to drive!!!

The kids bring in what I bought. I kick a kid out of my computer chair and rip off my bra (it's really been bugging me lately!!!) I keep thinking about all that work I was going to do when I got home. It's not getting done for some reason. About an hour or so after I get home the phone's SIL D. She wants to know if I want to take my little kids (who aren't going to the youth meeting) to the County Fair with her and her little kids. Ride tickets are only $1 each. So I have the kids round up their cash/change, put my bra back on, get Danielle changed and we're out the door again...waiting for D to pick us up.

We had a good time. We got a lot of stares with 2 strollers and 10 kids walking around us...oldest being almost 12. (only 3 walking were mine lol) One guy yelled as we walked better be babysitting!!! LOL I let the kids go on 4 or 5 rides each...Jake lucked out and got to go on an extra I only spent $13. We were blessed with TWO different people giving us tickets as they were leaving...first one gave us 4, the 2nd one gave us 6. We did the same as it got dark. We were down to 2 tickets with little kids who were ready to head home. I hope the lady with the 2 little kids appreciated the gesture as much as we did when we were on the receiving end.

D dropped us off, the kids grabbed something to eat and headed to bed. I sat in my computer chair for a bit, realized my hips were killing me, grabbed Danielle and jumped into bed myself. Now I'm staring at all the work that I'd hoped to take care of yesterday. Oh well, not like my sister or her girls haven't seen my house messy. It's cleaner deep down but in spots looks worse then when she was here on Sunday (like a bunch of the litte girls things piled in the livingroom waiting to go up into their new bedroom and all the extra laundry that cleaning bedrooms seems to produce). So I guess I should stop staring at it, thinking about it and DO IT!!!