Thursday, July 05, 2007

So WHY am I still here?

Today was a very productive day. My hips are aching and I'm exhausted. So why can't I seem to fall asleep? Maybe because I keep thinking of what else I want to get done. Or will get done. YEP I can now officially say I am nesting. Everywhere I look I see things that need to be done. Things that don't normally bother me are bugging me until I get up and get them done.

Today we.... washed walls, washed a few windows, took apart and changed bedrooms and various other jobs. The girls worked over 8hrs on switching rooms. I had to take apart of the beds and put them back together. The bunks were too much for me and left me in tears, feeling like I was going to barf. So Tom had to finish it. Liz did a LOT of the work....I felt so bad for her by 11pm...she looked like she was going to fall apart. I hope they're all happy now.

I did manage to work in my room for a TINY bit. Unfortunately it looks a lot messier then when I started. We're taking out a hutch and putting in dressers so unloading the hutch has left me with a few more piles that need to be dealt with. I'm hoping we can finish it up tomorrow. I'd really like to get the dressers out of my livingroom!!! I have an appt at the OB's tomorrow so can't work until late afternoon. I just hope I'm not too tired from running around to get at it.

I also need to work on the everyday work which has been slightly ignored. Only a few loads of clothes have gone in (and my hallway is PACKED with waiting laundry) and my kitchen hasn't been touched much. Although the table has been picked up throughout the day. Hey! I did manage to clean a toilet while Danielle was in the tub! :o) Now if only I can get some tub cleaner and scrub that out! lol

I'm looking around the house and trying to figure out if it looks any better then when my sister was here on Sunday. I can't say that it does on the surface just yet. She'll be back here on Friday morning/afternoon to drop off her girls for the weekend. I'm HOPING there's a significant difference by then!!!!

My brother stopped by today to drop off some wood he wanted to get rid of (we'll burn it at a bonfire) Him and the kids had to step over shoes to get in the livingroom. He says to the kids...just step over everything, this is typical. HELLLLLO!?!?! Yes! I always have huge totes of barbies, dollhouse, kitchen play things taking up my livingroom. Oh don't mind the 2 huge plastic dressers in your way...that's always there. We're tearing the place apart and rearranging you ding dong!!!!

He's one that always makes little comments about how easy pregnancy is for me compared to others. That so and so wasn't meant to be birthing kids like Kim and such. It drives me crazy even though Tom tries to point out that they are meant as compliments. OK, maybe they are but I KNOW he'd be the first one to say...well what do you expect? It's your fault for having so many kids....If I complained about how hard pg was for me. Or how hard my day in general was. He was really surprised when he was leaving and he asked me...What's the matter? I said oh nothing...I'm just really pregnant. I don't think it ever occurs to him that I might be in pain, uncomfy and whatnot.'s almost 4am and I really need to get into bed. Have to be out the door by 10am tomorrow. Eileen and Olivia are the tagalongs for the day. Next week is Jake and Luke. Eileen keeps asking if we'll find out what day I'll have the baby at this appt. She really wants to hear it'll be on her birthday. I keep telling them they are SO spoiled! Most people have no idea which week, much less which day they'll have their baby. They expect it all to be planned.

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