Sunday, July 15, 2007 I didn't update when I said I would

But I have an excuse....I haven't been home. No I didn't have my baby or have to go to the hospital. My cousin is up from Florida with her family. They are staying with my parents so I've been in there during my spare time. Most nights well past 2am. I'm exhausted.

My appt went well on Thursday and we now have a date set for my induction. Dr B said he'd let me go to 39wks BUT he used my sono EDD of 7/29 instead of my original one of 8/2. So technically he's allowing me to go until 38.5wks. I'll go to my last office visit this Thursday and then be admitted to the hospital on Monday the 23rd.

This date makes my mom happy since I can now go to see Menopause with her, my sister and my aunts. It's got my kids a little nervous. They're afraid they are going to miss the annual summer conference/family week over at church which starts on the 26th. I told them not to worry...I'll be admitted on Mon (23rd), have the baby on Tues, get discharged on Wed and we'll be at the conference on Thurs. Now if the baby and my body will only cooperate. ;o)

Friday I took Carrie and Liz into visit my cousin with me. We ended up heading out to the casino and had a blast. The girls stayed at my sister's house while we were gone. I'd called Tom and asked him if it was ok and how much could I have. I asked for $30, he told me to take $50. (slots use a card, not coins or tokens) He then lectured me about if I get up to $100 to cash out and put half in my pocket and continue playing. I told him I KNEW how to do it! What I didn't tell him was knowing and doing are two separate things.

I'd only been down there once before and I pretty much stuck to my dad and watched him play the tables during that visit. So wasn't comfy there. My sister, cousin and I found the nickle Wheel of Fortune slots and lucked out as someone left shortly after we walked up. My cousin sat down and we stood watching her. Her first spin...she won $100!!!! The machine next to my cousin opened up and my sister jumped on. I stood watching. Finally my sister asked if I wanted to take over her machine and I jumped on. Within 3 spins I was $100 up. My sister was NOT happy and said she was charging me a $50 seat charge! LOL Did I do what Tom told me?!?! Of course NOT! First of all it hadn't been 10mins into playing, secondly if I got up...I woulda lost the machine! (there were only 5 in the whole place). So I sat there. Going up and down. Decided to take a break when my sister came back and I was getting close to my original $50. I told her we were even on the seat charge after she hit a few times as soon as she sat down.

We all pretty much decided to quit about the same time. Some of us because our cards were empty. Some of us because we could walk out with a few extra $$. I won't say which end I was on. There's talk of a daytime trip down there again. As we left I said...I am SO glad I don't live closer to this place then I do. I know I have the type of personality that could easily have a problem there! :o)

Saturday was mild out temperaturewise. I told my cousin I wouldn't be in, that I had to get some work done around the house. So I worked around the house and even got into my room some more! Michelle and the boys had planned on going in and seeing my cousin's oldest "A" (who is a few weeks younger then Michelle) for the night since A was leaving for home on Sunday. (has a job interview to go to). It didn't work out and Michelle had NO way of getting in there. So I took her, Liz and Carrie in. I was sooooo tired!

I had the girls grab a few garbage bags of laundry and throw it in the car. I'm so behind in it. First I put it off because of the heat and humidity. Then my dryer started acting up and I couldn't do it unless I was hanging it. I haven't been home long enough to get any loads on and off the that didn't work out. I stayed at my parents WAAAAAY to long, mostly because I was waiting for the laundry. We got home about 3ish. This is Deja Vu since my dryer wasn't working right before I had Danielle either. Looks like we'll be heading to the laundromat sometimes this week....I HAVE to wash baby clothes (or do it at my mom's I guess)

I've been dragging all day today. Although I did manage to get out the door and head over to church for the afternoon. I hadn't been in a few weeks and I really wanted to get there before the baby was born. Not sure if I'll be able to make the meeting and get to my mom's in time for the show next it was this week or none. I'd planned on taking Luke, Jake, Eileen and Olivia into my mom's for a visit today. BUT I knew I HAD to have a nap or I'd fall over. I also had to wait for Pat to get home from work with the car. He didn't get out until after 7pm and by then I felt it was too late. I called to tell everyone I wouldn't be in and found out most of them weren't there anyways...they went to my uncle's house for dinner. So we're home now. (and I had an opportunity to update here).

I'm not sure what I'm doing tomorrow. It's Eileen's 9th birthday so we'll definitely do something for that. She wants to go in and see my cousin. Pat has to work so if I want the car I have to drop him off by 10 and pick him up at 5, which isn't too bad. Just not sure if I want to do it or not. I should head to the store since we're out of milk and down to the last bit of TP. My mom is freaking out on me, insisting I STOP and take it easy, says my dad's worried about me pushing myself too hard. I don't think I am, it seems like this time of the year it's nonstop no matter what's going on. Oh well, one persons busy is another's vacation. ;o)

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