Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I'm suppose to be working

But here I sit with my bowl of cereal and my cup of coffee. I've been working on an afghan for the other wedding shower I have on the 24th. I don't think I'll be getting something made for Allison and Drew. I'll probably go buy them something instead, just not sure what. I didn't manage to get anything done yesterday. Sean seemed extra clingy for some reason. He was extra cranky too. I couldn't move without him crying for me to pick him up. I almost wonder if it's because I wasn't here when he fell asleep last night. Yep! Tom and I ended up going to dinner Sunday night. We used our Red Lobster gift card that Michelle got us for Christmas. We had... steak, lobster tail, crab legs, scampi, salmon, and stuffed flounder. I say we because we ordered our meals with the idea of sharing everything. This allowed us both to have a variety of things. So while it sounds like we ordered everything, we only ordered 2 meals. I had a yummy sangria before dinner. Tom thought it was yummy too and ordered one after. We both agreed that it was much yummier before the meal.

It was SO nice to sit and talk without being interrupted. To not have to do anything but attend to my meal. Luckily I behaved and we didn't have any spills to deal with either! I miss my husband. Things can get so hectic here that we're lucky if we talk a full sentence to each other some nights. One of my biggest fears is that get stuck as parents and not know each other when it's just us. While I loved being alone with Tom, it also fed a desire for MORE! We talked about going away after all this craziness is done. Our 27th anniversary is at the end of June so maybe we'll work on doing something for that.

I think I finally got all the papers in for our refinance. At least they took the money out of our account for the credit check. I may be pushing it but I'm hoping that means we can sign the lock in rate papers by the end of the week and schedule the appraisal. I'm shooting for the end of vacation for that. Although it may make the kids' vacation not too fun which is bumming me out. But you have to do what you have to do and right now...this is IMPORTANT!

It's starting to hit me that in so many days LIZ will be home!!! Although Olivia who's having a bit of a down time right now says...that means I have to wait X many days. While I'm sure that her initial bout of depression was more then school. I think right now it is school. She's almost always on the verge of tears before she gets on the bus. I'm sure once she gets there she's fine. It's the getting up and going that's the problem. I'm usually chomping at the bit for a vacation...this time I'm dying for it!! Only 3 more days!

Well my breakfast and coffee are gone and so is most of the day now. It was another day I didn't get anything on my todo list done. I crocheted and I'm this > < close to being done. I'm hoping to finish it up tonight. Then I won't be distracted anymore (too much lol)

Everyone is home. Val's friend Joe is up here on leave from the Navy and is visiting. Him and Tom are outside talking Navy. Ham is in the oven and making this place smell good! I guess I should go get dinner finished.

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