Monday, April 19, 2010

Semi back to normal

Today's the first day I didn't feel like I was going to barf all day....just once in a while. It's also the first day I actually ate a meal and not a bite here or there. I didn't eat anything for the first 48hrs at all. I'm starting to wonder if this is the stomach bug that was going around earlier this year that we seemed to miss. I know those that had it said it lasted a long time and this is a ridiculous amount of time to have a stomach bug. Tom's been hit with it now for sure. He spent most of it in bed yesterday. I know he's still dragging today even though he went to work (which I again tried to discourage...bad me). I keep waiting for someone else to get hit with it but so far so good. I'm not relaxing though and I'm definitely not going to wash a bunch of bedding (new clean sheets beg for a stomach bug).

I was dumbfounded this week when mail came for Sean. It was from headstart. Seems they have open house and it's open to anyone turning 3 before Dec 1st 2010! WHAT!?! Send Sean to school!?! I'm debating about whether to send Danielle to Kindergarten in Sept (she turns 5 a week before school starts) and they're asking if I want to send Sean! Insane! WHY would anyone want to send a 3yo (or not even 3yo) off to school, even if it's "only for half a day". At least it's voluntary...for now.

We're starting to get things for the wedding. Yesterday I used a 50% off coupon at AC Moore and bought a chocolate fountain. I'd promised the little kids that we could try it out when I got we did. I am SO glad that I did!! I didn't realize I'd needed 4lbs of chocolate in order for it to work. I'd only bought 1 lb of yellow chocolate wafers (Danielle's choice of color and then she wondered if it would taste like banana lol). So I had to use the pink wafers I'd bought for the wedding. I couldn't get the chocolate to ever flow right, no matter how much cooking oil I added (and I added a sickening amount). Finally it just stopped pumping the chocolate all together. Michelle's wondering if it's the vanilla chocolate that's the problem since it seems to be a lot thicker then regular chocolate when she's used it for strawberries and pretzels. So I think we're going to try it again using only real chocolate. I'm a little bummed since I thought it would be cool to have chocolate in her wedding colors, but oh well. At least this all didn't happen at the wedding itself!

Buying dresses for the wedding. I'm really starting to wonder if I should be having the girls try to keep within the color scheme of the wedding (pink dresses, yellow flowers). Is it too much? Will it look funny if there are too many different shades of pink? How much white is too much white for a dress? Is it too dressy? Not dressy enough? Carrie and I were out yesterday. We found a cute dress for her...

I found something that's a bit younger looking for Olivia but it has a cream/white colored skirt with tulle over the top of it that's embroidered with black flowers. I'm afraid it's a bit too formal looking and it'll seem like she's suppose to be in the wedding party itself. I guess we'll just have to wait and see. The plan for now is to go out shopping on Friday (Michelle's only day off). Hopefully we can all find something then. I'd like to be able to least we'll all be dressed at this thing! lol

Michelle drew up a master list of all the things we should get done around here before the room. It is FIVE pages long. I mentioned it to Tom and his response was...What are you trying to do? Give me a heart attack? I told him don't even look at it. I told the kids if we get a lot of progress done this week, we can do something fun before the end of vacation. What have I done off the major list so far? Bathe and demat Oreo...alright it's not on the list. But he smells pretty and looks SO much better. Part of my weird thinking is...better smelling dog equals better smelling house. Well maintained dog equals less hair to pick up around the place. Besides there's just something so relaxing about brushing and playing with his fur. He's so good about it too, even when he doesn't want to be. Just the bath alone was torture for him...he hates the water. There are times when I'm working on a mat that you can tell he just wants to give me a good nip and say...enough already!

Well, I guess I should say enough already here.

(and I never hit post before taking care of a crying Sean and then falling now I will...the next day)


Thia said...

Glad you are feeling better!

Denise said...

We had that stomach thing last month. I guess I shouldn't have washed sheets, it ended up going all the way through the house 3 times. Prayers for you that it's been contained & nobody else in your house gets sick.

Marissa will be turning 5 in August & we have decided not to send her to kindergarten this year, she would do fine academically, but emotionally she is still too young for the all day kindergarten they do here. I don't think we have headstart here, or if we do they don't send out notifications....Melanie will be 3 next month & since she is my "baby" there is no way she will be going anywhere for a few more years.