Sunday, April 04, 2010

Third times a charm

This is the third attempt to get a post up. It'll have to be quick as I'm suppose to in the kitchen making something to bring to my aunt's for Easter dinner. The plan for the day is church for a transmission at 11. Following that is an egg hunt for the kids afterwards. Then it's home to pick up the nonchurch goers and onto my aunt's house for another egg hunt and Easter dinner.

I've been busy but you wouldn't know it. I got home from taking Michelle to work and Luke's eye doctor appt on Wednesday and found my computer with the blue screen of death. Error messages and no amount of rebooting would fix it. So I had to reformat the hard drive which required a recovery disc. Guess what wasn't in the file box like it's suppose to be. I found it on Thursday while straightening up my computer desk. I started fixing it immediately but Michelle got called into work early and I went to my mom and dad's for the day after that. Michelle got us for April's Fool Day. In the middle of the night she switched the livingroom and diningroom furniture around. The table fits in the livingroom very nicely! LOL The sectional in the diningroom....not so much. The kids enjoyed being able to eat at the table and watch tv for a few days. Yes, it stayed like that for a few days.

Friday was GORGEOUS weatherwise! Yet what did I do...spend most of it infront of my computer! I got it up to date, installed the imperative programs, did a bunch of banking and applied for the house refinance. We're finally going to get this over and done with! I was hoping it could be done by the end of the month so I could have a bit of cash for Drew's wedding but it looks like it'll take about 5-6 wks. So probably around the wedding day, but not soon enough for me to utilize it. Now we have to get going on this place and get it fixed up for the appraisal. I'm figuring we have about 2wks, 3 tops. The kids had a ball running in and out all day. It really emphasized that we need to fix securing Oreo better. He didn't get loose but it was a constant thought. He had to stay tied up more then he normally was. I don't like having to tie him up as much as he usually is, much less any more. I also have to do something about his fur. He didn't seem to enjoy the heat too much.

Saturday was another beautiful day. I didn't get out too much that day either. The morning was spent getting ready to leave. The rest of the day was spent working at the dome. At least the walk to and from the dome was totally enjoyable. The night was really windy which was cool. Although a few times it made the drive to pick up Michelle a bit more difficult. I almost forgot about Easter baskets! I was dozing on the couch and thinking about going into bed for good when I remembered. Carrie came in and asked to help when she saw me starting. So we did it together. Sean woke up near the end and offered his help too. He was so excited this morning since he had an idea of what was waiting for him on the kitchen table.

And now we're back to the beginning of the post. I've already made up the scalloped potatoes and they're in the oven. I've thrown in laundry and started on the dishes. Now it's showers for Sean and Danielle, packing up and getting me presentable before 10:45. Goooo ME!

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~Tammy~ said...

I don't think I have heard about "The dome"?
Is it a home you are building?
Sorry, I am perpetually nosy!