Sunday, April 11, 2010

Wedding talk

I only have 25 minutes before I have to head out the door. Let's see how much rambling I can accomplish in that time.

My headaches are gone! I'm not even stuffed up anymore. That was one of the quickest colds I've ever had. (watch me jinx myself and I'll be sick as a dog tomorrow).

Tammy...I forgot to mention in the last post. I like the analogy of driving a car with the horn and raising kids by yelling.

While we picked up around here yesterday, not much else got done work wise. We spent most of the day with Allison and Drew talking about their wedding...only 34 days to go and not much is set in stone yet. Although I think we got most of the menu nailed down. Drew's problem is he wants something different. He doesn't want the classic...roast beef, ham and roasted chicken. So right now it looks like we're doing...spiral ham and chicken and steak kabobs. I'd rather cook a few top round roasts on the webers and have sliced roast beef instead of the steak kabobs. But like I said...he doesn't want the ordinary. I'm not sure I want to fight this fight or not. The roasts are definitely less work and might even be cheaper. I'm not even totally sure how we're cooking the kabobs yet. Allison's maid of honor is making her cake. Drew and Allison went to her house so they could taste and choose which type they wanted. We were lucky enough to be the recipients of the 2nd choice cake. OMGoodness!!!! It was delicious!!! White cake with a whipped cream cream cheese frosting. It had fresh red and yellow raspberries between the layers. Now I can't wait to taste the one they chose...lemon cake with blueberry mousse between the layers (three of them), topped with fresh blueberries and the whipped cream cream cheese frosting.

Tom and I never went out to dinner on Saturday. I never confirmed things with Michelle and she had made plans. So Tom took the kids to subway and they brought back foot long subs (customer appreciation one get one free). We're hoping that after I pick up Michelle we can go out. Actually Tom asked if I wanted to wait until all the busyness was done before going and I said N! O! I wanna go now. I was one second away from throwing myself onto the floor and pitching a fit. ;o)

This week seems to be empty appointment wise, although Michelle is working different hours. The goal this week is painting some walls and ceilings, finishing up on the laundry and cleaning up the laundryroom (again!) Then next week (which is spring break!!!) we'll try and get rooms cleaned and painted.

Tom just went to pick up Luke, Carrie and Eileen from a BBQ at church. So I guess even if Michelle has plans, we have sitters home. I had some pictures I wanted to share now that I found my battery charger...yay!!! Maybe I can get them up later tonight. No promises though. And now it's time to run out the door and get Michelle! Fastest post I've done in a long, long time.

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Anonymous said...

I just found your blog via Lots of Kids! I'm so excited. We went from 2 kids to 12 kids in January 2009! I can't wait to read more!