Monday, April 05, 2010

Phew! She did it!

The second trip school bus just left and Olivia was on it. She was balking at going and was on the verge of tears at times. I'm pretty sure there wasn't a threat of tears when she ran out the door though. Now if I can go through the day without a phone call from the school, it'll be good. Her mood seemed to lift more as the week progressed with Thursday being the biggest improvement. It was also the last day of school before a 3 day weekend, so I have to wonder....Deep down, is it school that's causing the problems for her? She still continues to say it's not school though, that school is fine and nothing happened there. But I wonder.

Yesterday was weird. I mean everyone had fun but for was weird. I found myself being very impatient and harsh while getting ready to go to church and then again to my aunt's. While driving to my aunt's I was in an almost sulky funk. I couldn't help laughing at the situation. One of the most religious days of the year and here I was at my worst in a while. I almost wonder if it's my classic backlash due to having the family split up and not having Tom with us on an important day. Of having to miss out on things that I'd prefer not to. Usually I can sense the feelings stirring and come to grips with it. This time it just seemed to sneak up on me and take over for a while and was scary.

It was the perfect day to be sitting outside and visiting. I had a nice time sitting there, watching the kids play and catching up with everyone. The kids had another easter egg hunt and then an egg toss. Sean and I were a team...and then he was Carrie and Jake took our egg over. My dad asked me about my aunts and uncles being invited to Drew's wedding. He was a bit disappointed when I said we didn't/couldn't invite any of them since not even all Drew's cousins were invited. I'm pretty sure I saw a look of relief in my uncle's eyes though....that's a lot of weddings he's off the hook for! He's still dealing with his own nieces and nephews, much less kids of nieces and nephews. (my dad is one of 13...there's almost 50 of us cousins...the youngest one is 10yo now)

My kitchen has been filled with a heavenly scent. While at BJ's I smelled it and just had to buy some. It was Easter Lilies. I found smaller ones at Walmart and figured I'd buy 2 of them for my mom and my aunt and take the big bunch back. Well, I never took it back. With all those plants on the kitchen table, it was all you could smell when you walked in the room. I gave my mom the big bunch, my aunt got a smaller one. I suggested to Tom that he either give the last small one to our next door neighbors who helps us out at times. Or take it up to him parents' graveside and perhaps plant it. He hasn't decided what he wants to do with it, so I'm enjoying it still.

One of the things I did in the middle of the night last was redo the inventory list for the concession stand. The dome's version is fine but I wanted one that anyone could pick up and use without explanation. I'd never worked with excel before so it took a bit of playing around to figure out what I was doing. It's done and I'm hoping it makes taking inventory as easy as I think it does. Another thing off my todo list.

Today's agenda is to work on the laundry a bit more. I've already warned the kids that they'll be working on it when they get home. I want to get Allison's shawl completed so I think I'll work on that too. There's a lot more I could add to the list, but for now that's good enough. Tomorrow I'm hoping to get into the girls room and clean...I want to start painting! Oh and Tom and I HAVE to sign the papers for the mortgage and email them back so the credit union can do what they need to do. Because you never know...a couple who's been doing business with you forever and has been paying faithfully on their house for 20yrs, just might have terrible credit. Or not be able to pay for the new mortgage, even if the monthly payments are less then the ones they're paying faithfully now.

OOPS! It's taken me almost 3hrs to get this post done. Lots of distractions today...fighting kids, kids into baskets that don't belong to them, post Easter clean up, breakfast, snacks and coffee making...of which I need to do...If I can shed this little boy from my lap. The good news calls from school so far!!!!

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