Sunday, April 18, 2010

We interrupt everyday life

to bring you a Grade A barfing fest. Yep, we're finally gotten hit big time with the throw-up bug. We've had lots and lots of stomachaches here but nothing with major barfing...until Wednesday.

It started all innocent enough with a fun day out with Della. We went shopping with Abigail and our little kids. I found Danielle a dress and shoes for Drew's and Allison's wedding and Sean a 4pc suit! woohoo! Big time score since there was only one suit, it was his size and cost less then $6! Della and I meandered through a woman's dress shop so I could try to find anything...which I didn't. Why is it so hard for me to buy myself clothes. Granted nothing in that place was right for the wedding but even if something had been...I would have agonized over whether to buy it or not. Anyways...we then went to two grocery stores, the second one was a quick run around the outside of the store without any kids type of trip...thanks to Abigail. Della let Sean and Danielle stay at her house and play while I ran to pick up Michelle. I also ran pick up some things while there and ran to AC Moore AGAIN! I decided to get a thinner yarn for Allison's wedding shawl while it was on sale.

We got home and the kids helped empty the car and start putting things away. It was then that I noticed that Jake wasn't around. He showed up shortly thereafter telling me he'd been sleeping and didn't feel good. I'd been hearing a lot of that lately so didn't think anything of it. Michelle declared that she was making pizza for dinner that night. So I then got to relax!! Poor Jake, he took two bites of pizza and lost it. After that he couldn't keep anything down all night long. He felt a bit better in the morning and started eating. But still missed school the rest of the week. Luckily for him Friday was a bogus day since half of it was taken up with the middle school talent show.

Tom started complaining that he didn't feel good Thursday night. He had a headache and was feverish. He never threw up so I'm still not sure if it was what Jake had. He seemed better in the morning even though I tried to convince him to call in sick. He's no fun and wouldn't do it! I kinda wish he had because when I got out of bed I realized...I felt lousy! I hadn't been that sick in a long time. I was exhausted and couldn't keep anything down. Luckily Jake held down the fort with the little kids so I could nap on and off. I still had to take and pick up Michelle from work. It was a scary ride, I actually dozed off at the red light. So to pick her back up, I left the little kids home although Carrie tagged along so she could try to persuade me to take her to get her ears pierced (per our agreement). It didn't work. I guess she didn't get that I was lucky I was sitting upright in the driver's seat to begin with. KIDS!! ARGH!

When we pulled into the driveway we were met with Val's friend Brittany yelling out the door...Seanie barfed! NOOOO! I can't deal with him and me! Brittany was a peach and had taken care of almost everything by the time I got in the door. Val was in the bathroom dealing with her sensitive stomach. Oh she's going to have fun once she has kids! lol I managed to keep control of my bodily functions while dealing with Sean. He was so good about it all. Just grabbed the bucket and let it happen. NO fighting it, no crying. I covered the couch with sheets and we spent the night there.

I had a problem. I was suppose to work at the dome on Saturday!!! I wasn't sure what to do and my dilemma became even harder to decide after I got a call Friday morning that someone else that was scheduled to work was also sick and in wouldn't make it. I decided to wait things out and see how I felt later. Add Sean to the mix and things got harder. Finally, around 9pm I decided things were letting up for me and I couldn't risk getting anyone else called another manager to tell them. We tried to get someone to cover but no luck. Luckily we had a few extra people scheduled so we could allow breaks, so they were working with the minimum but were covered.

Saturday morning I felt better so decided to try to go to work. By the end of my shower I realized...there was NO way I could do it. So I sent off my supplies with Luke and said...have fun! Then I plopped myself on the couch where I spent most of my day! I finally decided to try to eat something in the afternoon. My stomach tried to protest but survived.

I'm still not feeling 100%. But there are things to do! The wedding is less then 4 wks away. I have to buy outfits and shoes for everyone. I was hoping to get it done this week while the kids have it off from school. Hopefully the stomach bug doesn't hit everyone and we're stuck home instead. I have to finalize the food and figure out my shopping list for that. I'm not working at the dome on Saturday but have some behind the scene things to do for it. Saturday I'm attending two bridal showers. We're having a bridal shower for Allison on May 2nd at a state park. I have to get everything for that ready with no plans made yet whatsoever. My cousin's wife is having a baby shower the same day as Drew's wedding. I don't think I'll be attending the shower. It was nice to be able to dig into my box of finished projects and pull something out for her. I still have a baby shower to get something made for my nephew and his wife. Their shower is the day after Drew's wedding.

Oh and I'm still suppose to be cleaning and painting the house to get it appraisal ready which should happen in a week or two. We signed some good faith papers so just waiting to hear the final word on our approval which should come this week. Get this... me with no job or income...ever...has a better credit score then Tom. I told him it's because I always make sure MY bills get paid before his do! lol But really...that system is just messed up!

Oh good! My printer has finally decided it's going to read my memory card. Now I can share pictures... in another post.

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