Tuesday, August 30, 2005

First dr appt

Today Danielle had her first dr appt to check her jaundice. She looked so well that the dr said he didn't have to see her now until she's 2mos old. She weighed 6lbs 6oz, same as her discharge weight on Saturday. Her coloring is better then it was when she was discharged too. Olivia got her 5yo shots so she can start Kindergarten next week. She was a trooper and only said OUCH on the third one.

We then hit Walmart to get some desperately needed sneakers for a few kids and the last of the school supplies. Only have to go into the city and get Elizabeth's glasses.

I talked to my MIL today. She sounded better then she has in a while! :o) She's still experiencing a lot of low blood sugars and hasn't really taken any insulin. I told her she HAS to tell them at dialysis and bring in her monitor to SHOW them her numbers. They keep telling her she keep dozing off because she's tired. She's gone from being a bad diabetic to being hypoglycemic! I hope she gets it figured out soon. I'm hoping to go in and visit her on Thursday (we can get Liz's glasses then too).


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