Friday, June 27, 2008

Because I don't have enough to do

OOPs! Forgot to take care of the chicks this morning...brb! brb turned into 2hrs later. Now you know why my kids hate to hear me a minute. lol I can't help it. I did what I could in the coop (still have a mess Sean made to clean up), then I realized I was suppose to be picking up Val in a few minutes so washed my hands, loaded Sean and Danielle in the car, gave the other kids instructions and down the road I go. We get home, Val tries on her dress and I finish up the work on it that needs to be done (hemmed and put elastic in it...turning it into a shorter "balloon dress"). Oh wait I had to stop work because Sean cut his finger on a renegade can lid. THEN I finished the dress, grabbed a cup of coffee and a sandwich and here I am again....2hrs and 15mins later.

The chickens are getting big and they are too crowded in their box. I'll need to get some bedding and set up the small room in the coop for them....sometime. I also need to go shopping for my dad's birthday present. Good thing Walmart is open 24hrs. I just realized the other night that even though THREE adults (me, Tom and BIL/UB) decided it was a good idea to get the chicks and how many to get. I'm the one who's ended up doing all their care! I was out there at midnight last night settling them in for the night when Sean started crying and woke up Tom. :o( I think I need to talk to Tom about him doing the nighttime care before he comes in for the night, leaving me to do the morning care. Once we get them into a bigger area with bedding, there won't be as much work to do (have to change the paper towels on the floor right now). They're hungry monsters and will soon be going through a bag of chicken starter a week. That should drop once they start to free range though. I should be introducing more kitchen scraps and greens from the yard into their diet which'll cut their feed needs a bit also.

I never talked about Sean's and Val's dr appt on Wed. Val's still having headaches and has also started getting light headed a lot and almost passing out. It's gotten so the lightheadedness has overshadowed the headaches. :o( Her MRI came back ok but showed some sinus congested so she's on a nose spray. Her blood pressure is low now (after being high in Nov). She's been ordered to eat a lot of salt and drink a lot of water. She's also been given a med to help her retain water but she's not so gungho on taking that. We're headed back in 2-4wks. She's frustrated and wants to see someone else. I understand her frustration but this dr is one of the best in the area (he's the county medical director) so I'm not agreeing with that part.

Sean has slowed down in weight gain. He didn't even gain a pound since he was last seen and has dropped a LOT on the growth charts. So I'm making sure he's eating more meals where before he was snacking on what we were eating. I feel like I haven't been keeping up with his nursing needs, I always feel empty. After he slept most of the night the other night, I wasn't as engorged/as full as I thought I should be. We talked about his eczema and what I've noticed flares it up (amazingly not peanut butter). He had his iron and lead tested. His lead was on the higher end of ok although the nurse mentioned the gov't has lowered what's normal (anything under 10 used to be acceptable, now it's 5...he was 4.9) I was given a lead poisoning prevention handout which was of NO help since we have no metal pipes (very little water useage anyways), house was built in 1990 so no lead paint) The only thing I can think of is our dirt and it seems if that was the case other kids would be testing high too, which has never happened. Gyess we'll just take a wait and see stance for now.

I'm sitting here and keep hearing quick shouts on and off down the hall. To say that Val is a bit excited to graduate is an understatement. She can't believe she's done. Just wait til she sees what's waiting for her on the other side of the fence. lol

Time to take Michelle to work and get ready to go to school. Hopefully I can post some pictures tonight.

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