Thursday, June 26, 2008

Oh my poor kids!

We've kind of made it a tradition of going to the beach at the start of summer vacation with D and her family amongst others. D and I talked and she said she was going on Wednesday. Unfortunately Sean and Val had doctors appts and Michelle needed to go to work on Wednesday. I said maybe we'd try to go afterwards. I didn't get home until 3 so that didn't happen. The poor things couldn't even go swimming while I was gone (none of the kids home were big enough to be responsible for pool activity). So we decided to go the next The great thing about it is that Michelle has the day off! At the very least I don't have follow a schedule until 7 tonight.

Today it's SO grey out and is threatening to storm at any second. :o( They're still trying to convince me to go. I'm trying to figure out it I'm using the weather as an excuse or if I'm being sensible. I mean it costs $7 just to drive into the state park, then there's gas...about 4 gals another $17, and the work. Granted I could make it as easy as lunch before you go and grab a few snacks for there, wear your suits under your clothes...just bring a towel and your undies so you'll be decent on the way home.

I keep looking at the newstation's doppler. There's nothing up north showing up but will it stay that way? And am I feeling a chilly breeze which will be worse at the lake? UGH! I hate this part of being the mom! Why do I have to be the sensible adult? Can't I have someone on my shoulder whispering all the answers in my ear so I don't have to hurts my brain! lol

I could be really mean and make them clean the house well. We haven't done tons around here, including cleaning. And if you're wondering about the aforementioned chore list...not working out yet. I might have to rethink it some since Carrie is now registered for summer school and won't be here to do her job. My laundry plan isn't working out too well either, although it's helping. The problem is that I also haven't gotten caught up and the plan requires that to happen to be fully effective.

Did I mention my plan here? What I'm trying to prevent is everyone's laundry being left in the bathrooms and hallway either in hampers or piles. It's one of the biggest messes in the house. The idea is that every bedroom has it's own hamper and it's own laundry day. Theoretically the clothes stay in their rooms, go to the machines and directly back into the rooms afterwards. Each room has a hamper and I even bought them their own set of towels (each bedroom a different color). Now to MAKE it work!

Tom just called, wondering if I was going. He thinks I shouldn't mention going someplace and then change my mind. I say, things happen and plans get changed...especially around here. They need to learn to deal with it. Not that I'd purposely disappoint them! Hmmm, now I feel REALLY guilty. Thanks Tom! ;o)

Saturday is my and Tom's 25th wedding anniversary. Tom remembered the anniversary, he thought it was our 24th though. Guess I should be glad he didn't feel like it was our 124th lol. We've been wanting to go away and do something together for a loong time (at least 9mos now) but it hasn't worked out. I'm pretty sure nothing is going to work out for us to celebrate our anniversary either. This weekend we have Val's graduation on Fri, Carl's graduation party and my dad's birthday party on Saturday, my niece H's and Janna's (Val's best friend, I was her doula when Sean was 5wks old) graduation parties on Sunday. Next 3 weekends will be grad party prep time along with...4th of July, Tom's birthday the 11th, Eileen's birthday the 16th, and then the graduation party the 18th. Add in doctor's appts, Michelle's work schedule and Carrie's summer school schedule and it's mindboggling.

I think Tom and I will just have to be content with trying to make more time for each other at home for now. Which isn't a bad thing since we've been sorely lacking in that department for a while. There are days where I have to think...did I even talk to Tom today? I know later in life there will be time for us to have our time. At least I HOPE there is...Heaven forbid something happens to one of us! But one of my fears is that that time comes only to find out Tom and I are strangers. I don't want to be just the mom of the house. If it wasn't for what Tom and I have, there wouldn't be a family and house. I have to do the work to make sure that part of our lives doesn't get pushed to the side and forgotten.

Ummmm Danielle is dancing around me with her swim ring on....think she wants to go swimming? The kids are waiting for me to finish this up so I can supervise my time is up!

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Thia said...

Dh and I spent the better part of the last two weeks talking about going camping. The weather report was not promising, but by the time we decided to just ignore it, the campground was booked full. So now, we've had to explain to our 3.5 year old why we are not going camping.