Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Twice in the last week it's happened...

I've had people ask me when I was due. :o( Yes, Sean is getting to be that age when I'd be pg again. Yes, I have a belly. So I really don't fault them, especially those that have known me a long time. Yesterday it was at WIC. I blew it off as I'm almost due to come off (Sean is going to be a year old in about 7 wks! EEEK!). That normally I'm either pg, nuring or both so I have to be on WIC for something! The ladies got a good chuckle out of it. It hit me a bit, knowing that I'll never be on WIC EVER. I guess it's the first time I've really had the finality be a reality. Yeah it's easy to say we're done, no more, I'm ok with it. A bit different to have something point out just how done you are. Luckily the feelings weren't too hard to deal with, just a niggling little something in the back of my thoughts.

I did a stupidhead thing the other day. I hit the curb and blew a tire of the new car! I was pulling out of Walmart after Val's dr appt, had something in my eye and was trying to get it out. Unfortunatly I forgot to straighten out of my turn and BLAM! I have no idea how but it dug a hole right out of the side of the tire. I pulled into the next parking lot and called Hyundai's roadside assistance. A tow truck from the company that the assistance place contracted with just happened to be driving by after I made the arrangements...so my 30min wait for help turned into 3. LOL Now a new tire is on my shopping list. (The hubcap will have to wait.) Luckily there wasn't a mark on the car body itself. I think I'd have packed my bags and ran away if I'd marked up the car.

Val's still in the throes of major headaches. The dr doubled her meds and scheduled her for an MRI. He's not too concerned there's anything funky there but thought it was best to see what's going on in there. His office scheduled it for this Thurs but Carrie has her TODAY study appt then. So they changed it to the 11th. Come to find out, that's the day Val's scheduled to give her senior speech so I'm not sure what we'll do. Val was going to see if she could switch days with someone, if not I'll have to remake her appt again.

Carrie really has me frustrated. She's been terrible at taking her meds, especially since we added the blood pressure one in. I don't know if she's rebelling or if she's burnt out, either way it's not good. According to her she HATES taking meds and doesn't want to. Nothing is getting through to her, not yelling, or scare tactics (how many teens really think they +are prone to have toes amputated or be hooked up dialysis...they're immortal). It's one of the drawbacks of Type 2 diabetes...you don't feel sick, so therefore it's fine. Is this grounding material? I guess she could miss computer time for a day if she doesn't take them, but then again...we all forget once in a while. Do I set up a reward if she remembers? I'm not sure that's enough incentive. Afterall the studay already awards her points/gift cards based on her compliance...it's obviously not working. It's times like this where I wish she was put into the PAL arm of the study (working one on one with someone on a regular basis).

In pool news, it's improving but not ready to use. I have to hurry it up because Friday is getting here pretty quick! (suppose to be HOT out!) The sand filter is up and running. It's nice to have it go non-stop without needing to be worked on. It's so powerful that it stirred up everything on the bottom and turned the water almost black. We've added quite a bit of shock and algaecide and now have to it a dishwater grey color. I'm hoping some clarifier will help get rid of all the tiny particles. I'll try to get out there and vacuum it a bit more today. I keep thinking...if I'd only opened it in April when I originally was going to....this would've been a LOT easier. One of these years I'm due to have an easy go of opening this thing!

I could probably go on and on more but I need to get something accomplished around the house (and vacuum the pool). So I'll end it here and maybe write more tonight. I also have to get Pat's birth story done one of these days. I've been working on a new Meet the Kids page (link in the header) and it's the only birth I haven't written about yet. So don't be surprised when that pops up all of a sudden.

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truth said...

I can't wait to read your birth stories. Isn't it strange to hit those "never again" points? I seem to be having a lot of those lately and I end up a bit emotional.