Monday, June 23, 2008

Been meaning to mention this for a bit now

I just wanted to let all my large family friends in on some fun. It's the "myspace" for large families... LFN - The Large Family Network! It's in its infancy and has a few quirks. You can finally be a part of a social network without feeling like a poser!

Some hints...

* it works best with Internet Explorer.

* You can put any or all areas to private/friends only.

* If you're unable to do something with the site (like post comments or what you've written in your "about me" box is gone)...sign out and then sign back in again...worked for me!

* Not all myspace layouts will work. But don't be afraid to play can always go back to the default or pick a premade template and start over again. There's some css coding to play with here in the tutorial section if you're feeling adventurous.

* Keep a text file of your template modifications on your hard drive. If things get messed up or you lose something, makes for an easy fix (cut and paste the text file into the about me box and you're done!)

Feel free to visit my page...leave me a comment, put a note on my fridge, play my game and try to beat my high score. You know you want to!

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