Monday, June 23, 2008

Last day of school!

It's one of my favorite days of the year. It's the topic of my first blog post ever (4th blogaversary is tomorrow!) I'm not as excited as I normally am. I still have Michelle's schedule to deal with. Yesterday I said to Tom...why don't we have Michelle quit. Then I can go to work and pay her to watch the kids! (not that I WANT to work outside the home...just seems easier and then I'd be getting paid for my time lol).

Unfortunately this year Carrie will be attending summer school. It starts on July 7th and runs through Aug 7th. Classes are Mon-Thurs. I'm not sure how long her day will be but I have to have her at the high school to catch the bus by 7:10 (they bus them to a different district). It kills me to do it but it's what's best for her. I'll have to find out about their attendance policy since I was planning on getting her caught up on a bunch of dr appts. That plan may have to wait.

This week looks to be busy. Last day today, maybe the beach tomorrow, dr appts for Val and Sean on Wed, graduation rehearsal on Thurs, graduation ceremony on Fri, Carl's grad party, also my dad's birthday party on Saturday, 2 grad parties on Sun. Hopefully nothing is planned for the following week and then classes start up the week after that.

As is our usual custom, we have the chore chart all made out. Now to implement it and keep at it. We're having a grad party for Val and Michelle in about 3wks so have tons of things we want to get done around here.

If only I could find a way to keep Sean in one spot for longer then 5 seconds. The boy likes to MOVE. He's also turned into an expert climber. He can get up the stairs in seconds flat (not sure about going down and don't want to find out!). He's on the couch, off the couch, in my bed, out of makes my head spin at times. He's such a good little guy though...happy and very content. While he's getting better about staying asleep when you lay him down (instead of popping back up before I reach the kitchen) and takes a bit longer nap some days. He doesn't really like to nap too much. I want to am I suppose to know that THIS day is the day he's decided to sleep more then it's ok to start a project? Things should get a bit easier when the kids are here during the day (and a specific chore is watching Sean when I need to do he should be covered).

The adult chickens never made it to our house and I never heard back from the owner either. I don't know, maybe I was suppose to call him? I thought we agreed to a Sunday morning dropoff. The baby chicks are growing before our eyes. They're getting some pretty neat feathers. Danielle has decided the little room Tom made in the coop to use as a brooder is HER room. She'll repeat over and chickens in MY ROOM! Make a mess in my room. She's not so quick to claim ownership when I threaten to send her to her room though. LOL

We're enjoying a nice harvest of cherries. I was thankful there weren't any cameras handy yesterday as I climbed up as far as the tree would allow and picked for half an hour or so. Danielle tried to convince me she could see my underwear (was wearing a long skirt) I know for a fact that she couldn't. ;o) Later in the evening my muscles made sure to let me know that I'm not the spring chicken I like to think I am. Surprisingly I'm not feeling any ill effects today. There's still a good bit of the tree to pick. Although there are some branches no human will be able to touch, so the birds will have their share too.

I'm getting a bit frustrated with the pool. It's still cloudy and is now on the verge of green. I'm afraid it'll never get totally clear this year. And in time for the grad party? I'm not holding my breath. (but I'll try my hardest to get it as clear as I can)

A sad but relieved note here. They had the closing on Tom's parents' house. I felt so bad for him when his brother told him it was done. It was the last line of connection he had to his parents and his childhood. I'm pretty sure he's happy to see all his hard work pay off though.

Well it's taken me almost all day to get this done. The kids are home and I need to think about dinner. HAPPY SUMMER!

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