Sunday, June 22, 2008

Heading to bed

I'm beat and should've been in bed an hour ago. Unfortunately kids needed to be picked up and brought home so I had to stay up. Tom was pretty busy in the chickekn coop today. He closed in a small section for the babies to live it. It's really cool with an old screen door and a wall of screen chickenwire. I think tomorrow I'll be taking them out of their box and giving them more space. They are growing right in front of our eyes! They're getting a bit more on edge or is we're getting a bit more "aggressive" with them? Today while holding one Sean had gotten it's head in his grip before I even realized it...oops! The little thing was ok though.

Sean played outside almost all day which totally slipped my mind when we picked up Michelle from work. She asked if we could go to Walmart and I readily agreed. We took a potty break as soon as we got there which was a good thing. It allowed me to see just how dirty and damp Sean's pants were. Luckiy he had a onsie on and he looked so-so without pants.

As I pulled into the driveway Liz called from church. Since she was one of the ones spending the night, I thought something bad had happened. She was asking if she could ride up to Ottawa with the youth from there and spend the week. She'll come home on Fri or Sat when they come down for the band weekend. So Liz is starting her summer vacation off with some fun! Lucky Duck! I picked her up, brought her home and let her pack. Then back to church just in time to pick up the other kids.

Now Sean is crying so I'm off to bed for my beauty sleep.

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