Friday, June 20, 2008

A lot's been happening

As usual life has been busy. I've been trying to do more around here which means less sitting in front of the computer (can't have your cake and eat it too).

The girls moved their rooms around, leaving the littlest room in the house empty. Eventually it'll be Danielle and Sean's room and the toy room. Unfortunately Eileen and Olivia didn't clean it all the way before moving out and then Drew's and Pat's stuff was thrown into it. Let's just say the door stays CLOSED and you should open it at your own risk. LOL

Liz turned 17 last Saturday! It started off with her getting up at the crack of dawn so she could take her ACTs. After she got home though she had a fun day with her cousins and friends. It was a pretty easy party with a 50pc box of fried chicken from Walmart and a Carvel ice cream cake. I made pasta salad, cut up a watermelon and opened a tub of mustard potato salad. I didn't get her much...some sunglasses, a Hannah Montana shirt and a pair of shorts. We also ran to the mall and she paid to get her ears pierced (I had to give my permission). Here's Liz modeling her presents (can't see her earrings though)

We got our baby chicks yesterday! They are soooo cute!!! All 53 of them have survived so far. The original order was 38 laying hens and 12 roosters. I'm not sure what the "packing peanuts" (extras the hatchery packs in each order) are. We'll be culling the roosters. We'll only want 2 of them.

Here they are...aren't they cute?

Wouldn't you know it...I got a phone call yesterday. Yep, it was from the people that offered us their 14 layers and 2 roosters way back about 2mos ago. We hadn't heard them so I assumed they had found someone else and just didn't bother telling us. I want to get them but Tom seems to think we have enough work with the new babies (wouldn't have ordered the babies if we had gotten the established birds). I'm suppose to call the man back tonight and let him know what we've decided...I'm still working Tom over. LOL

Sean is such a good boy although he's an endless bundle of energy. His always looking for something to explore and constantly moving means I have to be on my toes. Moving for him nowadays involves lots of cruising along furniture. He's discovered he can reach almost every surface in the house. Nothing is safe anymore including hot cups of coffee (luckily he hasn't gotten ahold of one). He stands almost as long as he wants by himself but won't take a step. It doesn't bother me though, I'd prefer he was overly cautious. He'll walk when he needs to.

Eileen was chasing Sean around the livingroom the other day. Sean was laughing so hard that it made it impossible for him to crawl at times. It was so cute I had to go grab Michelle's video cam. By the time I was able to shoot this he'd calmed down a bit. You can still hear him laughing at times. It wasn't until I was editing this that I realized....Sean's crawling with both knees on the floor! He doesn't do that very often.

Just to let you know...I talked to Tom after dropping off Michelle at work. We're getting the adult chickens! YAY! Well I should say we're telling the couple we're taking them...whether they decide to bring them out, is their decision.

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Pam's Pride said...

Your chicks are so cute! We got ours last Wednesday. We got 50 broilers, 15 layers and 2 roosters.
Happy Birthday Liz!!