Monday, June 30, 2008

We made it through the parties

(started this on Sunday...modifying it for today)

Things ended up being a little simpler then expected Saturday. Mostly because Michelle was "sick" and called into work. So no running back and forth to drop her off and pick her up in the middle of the parties. Sunday didn't fare as well though. Tom went to his brother's house with some older kids and I went to Janna's party with the rest of the kids. Tom left the kids at the party and ran to get Michelle. I managed to get to his brother's before him and Michelle got back. Very shortly after that it started pouring out. Tom wasn't feeling so well so went home while I went into the livingroom to visit for a while.

All day Saturday I kept thinking...what was I doing 25yrs ago right NOW! In the evening I asked my dad that and it took him a while to figure out he was getting ready to give me away to Tom! Yep! Saturday was our 25th wedding anniversary! At least Tom and I remembered it and wished each other a Happy Anniversary. Maybe another day we'll find the time to celebrate it. (although Tom did offer me a romantic ride to the dump with him that morning lol) I wrote a bit about our wedding last can find it here

My parent's street ends at a parking lot for their fire department. This weekend was their annual field days. While we didn't get there in time to enjoy the pay one price and ride all rides promo. The kids took a few trips down there. Bigger kids spent their money, little kids mainly gawked. Liz managed to snag herself 2 goldfish. We didn't have a tank for them anymore so I had to get a small cheap one at Walmart, along with food. I also added hamster food and pine bedding for the chickens. The cashier was laughing and asked if I had a circus...I said...You could say that....if she only knew! LOL I then ran to the tractor store and bought chicken feed, dry stall, a 2 gallon waterer, and a brooder lamp.

I HAD to get the chickens out of their box. It was way too small. It was killing me to have to leave them and go to the party on Sunday. So after the party I left Sean for the kids to wrestle and worked in the coop. I cleaned things up, raised up the electrical wires, put a litter board across the doorway, made platforms to raise up the waterer and feeder, sprinkled down some stall dry and a layer of bedding. Then it was time to get the chickens out of their box. Oh they raised a ruckus and fought. The move was good for them! They changed almost immediately. First they were timidly walking around exploring. Then they were running and "flying". I even saw some pecking order "playing" starting. Before I left they were kicking up the bedding, looking for their feed like pros. I could've sat in there all day and watched them.

I didn't think Danielle would like the chickens once she realized they actually moved. She LOVES them. She loves to go into the room and try to pet them. She almost had one picked up at one time! And if anyone tries to feed out! That's HER job! I knew Sean would get a kick out of them. What I didn't realize is how he'd know to be gentle. I put him in there tonight and he just squatted in one spot until one of them came up to him. Then he'd put one finger out and touch it's beak. He had a fit when I made him come out. lol

Michelle has Tuesday and Wednesday off! Woohooo! I tried to make sure I don't have to go anywhere (meaning no store runs) So maybe we'll get stuff done these days. OH and if I anyone is trying to call me...our phone it out again. GRRR! I used my cell and told my parents I'm not calling them ANYMORE! Last Thurs I tried to call them. The phone dialed but didn't connect and it wouldn't close no dialtone from Thurs afternoon until Sunday morning (have NO idea how it became fixed). Today I tried to call my parents again and the SAME thing we don't have a dialtone. I'll give the phone company a call in the morning.

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