Monday, January 05, 2009

First whole week of the new year

After I posted yesterday I felt terrible. I hate to put Tom in a bad light. He is a great man and I love him to death. He works hard for this family, too hard IMO. Yes, he has his faults, we all do. I just have to remember that this situation is perfect for me. We're all given challenges and a divided home is one of mine. Besides I do have hope that the divide will someday be gone. :oD

I finally decided that Sean was too sick to go and talked to Liz. She was fine with taking Eileen and Olivia and asked if she could take Danielle too. While getting them ready to leave I thought...I may as well go! The only thing I'm saving on doing is my showering and dressing (Sean had a messy diaper and needed a shower and changing so no saving work with him staying home). Now to just remember that fact when I'm tempted to stay home for no good reason.

While Sean isn't feeling so hot, his cough was an early morning gunk thing. I don't remember hearing it after his shower. He was complaining later in the day that his head hurt though. Nose wiping needs decreased later in the day too. Maybe he's on the upswing of this. He's a terrible nurser when he's stuffed up. He bites something horrid!!! I almost weaned him last time he had a cold. It's not that bad this time, so no immediate plans for that. I often wonder though if he'd sleep better once he's weaned. If mom isn't offering anything, there's nothing to wake up for.

We had an adventure last night. About 6pm Michelle realized that it was the last night for Lights on the Lake. She'd gotten a free ticket for it as a gift from work. She suggested we not waste it and take the kids on the spur of the moment. I was leary at first since a "winter event" was suppose to occur that evening. I heard by 3pm, by 5pm, by 7pm. Nothing was happening out and I didn't see anything in particular on the local doppler so we decided to go.

We have to drive by a portion of the display on our way to the entrance. I pointed it out and Sean shouts...OOOOOOOOOh Woooooooooow! I thought....yeah we have a winner, he's going to love it! You drive VERY slowly through the display so we opted to let Sean and Danielle out of their carseats. Danielle was gaagaa over all the lights and colors. Sean was tickled with it...for the first few displays. After that...he was done! He was sitting on my lap and fidgeting. Unfortunately for me that also includes throwing his head back and head butting me in the face. Not fun, but I made it through without any major bumps and bruises.

We had decided to get dinner at McD's on the way home. The kids caught wind of our conversation and begged...PLEASE can we eat inside. When I explained this place doesn't have a playplace to run around in they still wanted to go in. It's something they very rarely do, especially as a family. So in we went and dinner we had. When we were finished I placed a second order for the kids left at home and we headed to the car. Problem was...everything was now covered in a very thin layer of ice...a very slippery layer.

We had just warned the kids of how slippery it was and to be careful when Jake stepped off the sidewalk and into the parking lot. DOWN he went, smacking his elbow (he never complained about it though so I think it's ok). As he attempted to get back on his feet he managed to sweep Eileen's legs out from under her and down she went. She complained that she hurt her shin but again, I'm pretty sure she's ok. We all had our hands full, I managed to grab hold of the collar of Danielle's coat just before she went down. She made it to the van by pretty much being dragged. She looked like a puppet with her shoulders being pulled up to her ears by my grasp.

Tom drove home VERY slowly (took 30-45mins to drive 15 miles) We were on our road, about a mile from home when Tom uttered the words...We made it HOME! I shot back...not yet so don't say that! The words no sooner left our mouths when the van started driving sideways down the road, heading to the edge of a very steep embankment and into a field with a pond. Tom managed to correct the van before it left the road. He mentioned pulling over and walking home. I reminded him that some of us weren't dressed well enough for that. (practically all of us actually) He's better to walk and be cold then to be crashed off the road. I reminded him that not only would we be walking, we would also be carrying two little ones the rest of the way home. Needless to say he kept on driving very slowly down the road. We managed to pull into the driveway without further incident. PHEW!

Everyone went to bed expecting school to be delayed in the morning. It wasn't. Oh well, maybe they'll have better luck with the next storm that's due to hit us on Tues night/Wed morning. These storms hitting every few days are starting to wear thin! Is it spring yet?

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Thia said...

How was Lights? We went last year, but skipped it this year. I think we'll go next year b/c two of the three kids will appreciate it.