Friday, January 16, 2009

I'm back

The mailman brought me my new laptop cord yesterday. I walked in the door at 5:30 and was on the laptop by 5:45. :o) I have a lot of things I want/need to do on here (find egg cartons, new crochet projects, circle loom patterns, catch up with my friends, write on my blogs...which I've obviously started, pay some bills...booo!)

Jake is home from school today. He looked like he was dragging and saying he didn't feel good. I've heard that so much since Christmas break has been over that I was blowing him off and telling him to get ready anyways. While I was making scrambled eggs he came up and asked me to look at his throat. I noticed his rosy cheeks and kissed his forehead...he was HOT! UGH! I'd have felt horrible if I'd forced him to get on the bus. Hopefully it's not strep and it'll be gone soon.

This weekend is a long weekend for the kids and Tom (I think for him) due to Martin Luther King Jr Day on Monday. I was hoping that it'd be a 4 day weekend with a snow day today but they only had a 2hr delay. The district was nice enough to call in the delay the night before. I'm still trying to decide if that was a good thing or not...knowing ahead that you have extra time in the morning. 2 extra hours and they were still scrambling to get out to the bus when it pulled up. It's absolutely frigid out and thankfully I don't have to go anywhere...Michelle has today off! Woohoo!

I'm working on catching up on the laundry. I've got it down to about 6 loads which is about one day's work. The kids have their rooms pretty well taken care of so I know piles won't suddenly appear. Once that's done then there's the decision of whether to start working in my room or clean up the laundry room both of which will create a mass amount of laundry. (my room holds extra clothes and blankets which need to be rewashed). I'd love to get our room in order and create a space for Tom and I. We're really hurting on time together. To be able to disappear into a room we can relax and unwind in together would be wonderful. Then again my laundry is in really bad shape and needs so much work. Either one I work on will stir up my allergies and I'll feel like garbage for a while afterwards, so that isn't a factor in the decision. Oh well, actually I'll just be ecstatic if I can finish the laundry in the hall right now.

I don't think I mentioned it here yet but Tom has gotten a promotion!!! He was on probation for 6mos but as of Dec 19th he is permanent. We consider ourselves pretty blessed since the county is now looking at all positions to see if they can reduce/consolidate. Anyone in their position temporarily , provisionally or on probation is at risk of being knocked back down into their old position. In the past Tom's new position was one that was mentioned as being dissolved. Now that he's permanent, for that to happen would be very difficult and we're not at risk at the moment. As the economy worsens though, they've said all cards are on the table...including the possibility of layoffs, so there's always a risk. The good thing though is he'll always have a job. It may be back where he started from and at a far lesser pay, but at least he'll be getting paid. After all, sewers will always be needed, so thanks America for flushing.

OK...I've rambled on long enough. The laundry won't do itself and I have some projects in the kitchen going on. Hope everyone's weekend is a great one.


Denise said...

Welcome back!!! I missed you!!!

truth said...

Hooray on the promotion! I know what you mean about the allergies. I have been trying to tackle these areas of my house that are in bad disarray (how does the clutter build up so fast???) It usually sets off my allergies or asthma.

I am losing kids fast and still struggle with laundry. I think mostly it is because we don't regularly sort through and get rid of clothing. When they are little I always saved clothes for the next kid and so have a hard time getting rid of things. I gotta get over that.