Thursday, January 08, 2009

This couch is getting crowded!

Eileen and Jake are the newest members of the bucket brigade. Liz is on the sidelines waiting for the signal to join in. Carrie and Luke were the only ones to get on the bus this morning. I'm hoping I don't get a call from the school nurse wanting me to come pick either one up. I called and canceled Carrie's TODAY study appt this morning, much to Carrie's chagrin. I'm not leaving Liz home to babysit if she's sick too.

Our night went fairly well. Danielle was kind enough to hold off on needing assistance in the wee hours of the morning. Still sleeping on the couch with 2 little ones doesn't really involve a lot of sleep. After the kids got on the bus I grabbed a nursing Sean and jumped into bed. AHHHHH to lay totally horizontal. My original intention was just to lay down and spread out for a few minutes. I promptly fell asleep for an hour. Image Olivia's surprise to find herself still in her bed at 9:30. I told her she has to throw up now. :o)

It's horrible out with lake effect white out conditions. Michelle has to work at 2:15 and I'm wishing I hadn't had her call into work yesterday. I could've had her do it today. She has a few requested days off on Fri and Sat so not sure she'd be able to call in before a "vacation". I'll just have to drive slowly and carefully. It'll also allow me to run to Walmart and grab a few sick day supplies like soda, popsicles, crackers, paper towels and bathroom cleaner. Wish they carried a germ proof suit in my size.

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