Monday, January 19, 2009

Tossing and turning

My sleep habits stink lately, a sure sign I'm getting old. Going to bed earlier then ever means I'm up earlier then ever. I can't remember a night when I didn't have a middle of the night tossing and turning session. Some days I can manage to get back to sleep, others I can't. When I'm really lucky, I can manage to sneak out of bed without waking Sean. (he's such a light sleeper!) So here I am...laptop in lap, white clothes in the washer, a load of darks in the dryer. I'm shooting to get all the laundry done today. I didn't manage to get any done this weekend. The darks that are in the dryer got rewashed quite a few times though...they should be sparklin'.

I got one of my most dreaded phone calls yesterday. It was from my cousin in Florida, her husband had passed. He'd been diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer in the beginning of June. I haven't physically seen her since July '07 but we've been keeping in contact on a regular basis.

My dad is driving down on Wednesday and I can tag along if I want. Tom and the kids want me to go. I'm torn...a week to 10 days is a long time to be away from everyone. I'd miss them terribly and the place will fall apart without me. OK, I know that second part isn't true but... The logistics is mindnumbing, especially since Tom has NO vacation days until the beginning of May.

I think I just worked out the last of the major problems. UB walked in the house while I was throwing in the white clothes. I asked him if he could drive Michelle to work on days when Drew, Cory, or Pat couldn't. He said sure, no problem. Now I just have to get a set in stone commitment from Val that she'll be here the whole time to get the kids on the bus and watch Danielle. (I'm taking Sean)

So my work is cut out for me....laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning, and packing...and none of it will wait...Perfect working conditions. Now if I can just squash the guilt bug that's eating at me... Someone please tell me it's ok to go. That they'll survive without me. That this opportunity won't come around again and I should grab it. That my cousin could really use my support right now and I'd be a bum if I didn't help her when I could. Not to mention how glorious it'll be to be out of the snow and cold for a few days.

Hmmmm, I just realized. Traffic is probably going to suck around the capital on Wed with everyone going home from the inauguration. My dad better not stick me with the beltway driving again! When I was pg for Carrie I drove down to Wilmington NC with him for a few days. We were visiting my brother who was living down there. My dad barely let me drive but on the ride home had decided he needed a break in Virginia. He swore he'd take the wheel back before we hit the beltway...well it didn't happen and I got stuck driving it. It wasn't a pretty sight. Kudos to those that do it on a regular basis.

Well it's too early to be making any noise cleaning, so I think I'll go make some lists. Maybe I'll try to jump on the treadmill, I've been really lax in getting to that.


Kathyb1960 said...

Kim, it's OK to go. You need to go for you and for her. And your dad probably needs to company! And a week from now you'll be glad you did. The kids will step up to the plate and do a great job.

I'll keep you and your cousin and family in my prayers.

Thia said...

Praying for your trip. I agree with Kathyb.

Innocent Observer said...

Sorry to hear about your cousin in law.

You should go. Everyone will be okay for a few days. An opportunity like this doesn't come around too often, and since others are willing to lend a hand and take over for you, go.

Also, do NOT drive down 95 unless you enjoy the traffic and the tolls. I would have to look up the exact routes, but going a little further west through Pennsylvania and Virginia makes for a beautiful, peaceful drive. It is slightly longer mile wise, but you make up for it traffic/toll wise, and the mountains are just so pretty!

my word verification word of the day is: COMEss. I think that is a sign for you! haha

Innocent Observer said...

Routes 81, 77, 26, 95. If you want more specifics, just ask. Happy trip!

noelle said...

I totally understand your struggle. BUt it will be good for you to go support your cousin. And it's not like the house wouldn't get messy and there'd be laundry to do if you stayed home the whole time, right?

Have a great trip!