Saturday, January 03, 2009

Happy 2009!

We had a busy New Year's eve. Michelle had to work so I dropped her off and ran to Walmart to grab a few things...the place was mobbed! Then it was back home to make the dessert for our New Year's feast at church. I made a pineapple upside down cake which I've been wanting. As usual I made too much cake batter (tripled the recipe) and it ended up HUGE. I can never tell how much batter my aluminum lasagna pan's an odd size but I love it! It's the one pan I've had since I was married (was a shower gift).

Having to wait for the cake to bake left us leaving for the feast later then I'd wanted to. I'd wanted to get there early so the kids could jump in the bouncy house before we ate. To top it off I got stuck in the driveway for almost half an hour. I'd still be there if Tom hadn't come home from work and helped Luke push me out. ;o)

We had burgers and fries for dinnner which were YUMMY! I haven't had a homemade burger in forever. I could pretty much eat them everyday. Beef is my favorite food group.

The kids had lots of fun running around with family and friends, jumping in the bouncy house, and playing games. Even a bunch of us moms got a chance in the bouncy house. lol It only showed me just how out of shape I am. The huffing and puffing was quite severe.

Tom had to stay home due to being on call. His phone doesn't have reception over at church. I felt so sorry for him, no one should have to spend a festive evening like that alone. I think he was in bed by 10.

New Year's day was low key. I made split pea soup and we had snacks most of the day. Michelle had to work so Eileen, Olivia and I took her then we headed to JoAnn's Fabric. They had all their yarn on sale. My sister had given Olivia a set of circle looms for Christmas and I've been crocheting, so we needed to stock up...and we did. It was so funny, the girls kept saying...don't look anymore mom! No mom! Head to the register! But did I listen...NO! I kept thinking of something else I wanted to look for. Luckily looking didn't lead to too much more in my cart. I ran into one problem though... they didn't have the color yarn I need right now! I'm working on a shell stitch blanket and need one more skein. Guess I'll have to take the JoAnn's ad to Walmart and price match. So until I get that skein, I'm working on a second blanket and am enjoying it. Unfortunatately it means not much else is getting done around here.

Yesterday was the last day of Christmas vacation. *heavy sigh* I am NOT ready for the kids to go back to school. I love the laid back days we've had. Not worrying about homework being done, appropriate bedtimes being held too, dragging kids out of school, dealing with kids who don't feel well wanting to stay home. Do you think I can figure out a way to stop the clock before Monday morning? Hey! Maybe we'll have a snow day. LOL

Sean isn't feeling so great. In the morning he wakes up green and goopy. Usually during the day it's eased a bit. Wed night he started a cough that I thought might be a reaction to the bouncy house (it smelled musty). Unfortunately he's still coughing. Not tons but it's there. Yesterday he was feverish for a short time. Tom's still coughing from his cold a few weeks ago. Hope Sean doesn't have the same thing.

Today I'm hoping to get the Christmas tree down. We usually keep it up until after Little Christmas (Jan 6th) but since we got the new furniture it's been stuck in my kitchen. It's not lit and no one can really see it, not to mention it's taking up prime floor space!

My alone time is up, Sean is crying in bed. Maybe I'll nurse him and see if there's any more sleep left in him, I doubt it but it's worth a try. :o)

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noelle said...

I know what you mean about JoAnn's...or any place that sells yarn. I keep thinking of projects I could do. I love to crochet and knit too. If I could sit and do that all day, I would be one happy mama. Then again, no one would get clean clothes or a decent meal though!