Wednesday, January 21, 2009

We're on our way

Yesterday was insanely busy. I did the impossible...I did ALL the laundry! I even dug into things in my room and put a dent into the laundry room mess. (looking for warmer weather clothes) I was going like gangbusters and had to restrain myself from doing too much in those rooms as I didn't have enough time to finish everything. I'm just hoping that I didn't use so much propane drying the clothes that Tom and the kids run out while I'm gone. I'm a bit sad I couldn't stay home and enjoy the empty hampers. Ok, they didn't actually stay empty for long, people took showers getting ready for bed.

Tom drove me to my parents' house last night. Unfortunately there was a bit of lake effect falling and the roads were horrible. I thought we should've turned around and went back home. My dad couldn't picked me up in the morning. It was so late (had to get Michelle from work first) and he still had to get home. Although I did offer to let him sleep with me at my parents'. lol I guess it took him forever to get home. I found out this afternoon that he called into work because he was so tired.

My dad and I left NY at 7:30am today. We are now in Dunn, NC at a Hampton Inn, Sean is snoring next to me on the bed. My dad is laying on the other bed, wondering WHY I would bother to write to/for people I don't know. (he's not too into the net and doesn't get it...thinks blogs are for conceited people who think they are important enough for others to want to read about them. lol) We're getting up bright and early (or is it dark since the sun will still be sleeping?) and getting back on the road by 7:30 again. Hopefully we'll get to my cousins by 5 or 6 pm.

My dad has felt sorry for Sean all day. He kept saying, poor guy, it's hard to sit in that seat all day. Sean has actually done pretty well. He's good for about an hour and then wants OUT of his seat. I can hold him off for another 1.5 hrs with a LOT of entertaining. Needless to say my crocheting is NOT getting done like I'd hope it would, but that's ok.

Sean's been a doll at all our stops. I never noticed how quiet he gets in public. I knew he got "shy" but he literally stops talking and only points. And of course trying to get him to smile, is still almost impossible. Still he loves to interact with people and doesn't miss a chance to wave HI to anyone. He's chumming up with Grandpa pretty thick which has my dad tickled pink.

I'm hoping tomorrow goes as well as today. I'm afraid that Sean's tolerance will be a lot shorter and of course the toys I brought are old now. I don't do well in the back seat (get carsick) but I think I'll be sitting back there a good bit of the day.

Well, my dad is nodding off watching the weather report. I'm not too far from falling asleep either so I'm closing up shop for the night. Now if only I can fall asleep and STAY asleep. Last night I was up at least 3 times between 1 and 6:30am.


Dot said...

I'm sorry for you loss Kim. It is really great that you can go and be there for your friend. ((Hugs)) and blessings for a safe trip.


Lisa said...

Take care and drive safe.