Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Who's next?

The lucky winner is Danielle. :o(

Sean spent all day Tues in my lap. Carrie and Luke didn't go to school so Carrie helped me in the morning, Luke in the afternoon. Sean was done throwing up early in the morning but ran a fever and was out of it for the rest of the day. Even today he still has some yucky effects from the bug. I'd almost rather deal with the throwing up to tell you the truth. I wasn't convinced he was done so we spent another night on the couch. I was SO looking forward to getting back to my bed tonight. Oh well.

Danielle woke up this morning and reported that her "belty" hurt. (she tends to add stray L's to some words) I was hoping she'd be spared the throwing up aspect since she was running around with the kids all day. Yep, they were all was a snow day due to freezing rain and ice! I had Michelle call into work. Imagine my guilt when I found out the main roads were clear. Oh well, I have to work with what I know and I knew our roads were horrible!

My hopes of a light case of the bug was squashed around dinner time. Eileen, Olivia and Danielle were taking a bath when I heard a commotion and some girls screaming. Danielle had thrown up and had made a mess. Poor thing, she kept saying....I told you I sick!

So I've spent tonight with Danielle on my lap. There's one problem...when she's on my lap she blocks my nursies! Sean doesn't like his limited access to nursing. My lap isn't big enough for Sean and Danielle. It's going to be a looong night on the couch again. Hopefully it won't be a night that Sean wakes up a lot.

Danielle is a sweetie even when she doesn't feel well. I had Tom pick up a jug of ginger ale and she's loving it. Her eyes are barely open and she's asking for her soda...then unfortunately she asks for her bucket. I'm hoping the bug has run it's course for her by morning. And of course there's the question everyone's wondering....Who's next? My guess...either me or Liz. Hopefully if Tom gets it it hits on the weekend...he can't take any time off from work for a few months.

Now I have to decide what I'm going to do tomorrow...Carrie is suppose to go to her TODAY study appt tomorrow. Either I'll cancel it or take Liz up on her offer of leaving school early and watching Danielle for me. Guess we'll see how the night plays out first. I know I'll be tempted to cancel but then I'll just have to deal with the appt in a week or's not going away.

Thia...I didn't realize you were from this area...too cool! I really liked Lights on the Lake. I also liked how the houses that lined the park joined in with the fun. I had to laugh when my kids became awestruck by a HUUUUGE decorated tree displayed inside someone's home. I had never seen the display before although everyone else had. (except the 2 little ones) Before the lights officially open Tom's work has held a "stroll through the lights" night. Tom has taken the kids a few times. It was one of the reasons the bigger kids weren't interested in going. Thanks for your support over my Sunday vent, I appreciate it. I do think the holidays have something to do with it. Especially when I feel it accentuates the divide. :o(

Lisa...UGH! I guess I should be thankful that this hit now. I couldn't imagine having to deal with (or not deal with) Christmas at the same time. I hope you are finally over it and everyone is back to their normal self (whatever that is lol). I thank you too for the support on Sunday. I know you know how I feel. Although I wish it wasn't so, it's kinda nice to know I'm not alone.

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noelle said...

So sorry your littles are sick. That is never fun. Jack had a nastly bug when he was almost 2 and got so dehydrated I had to take him in to get an IV. Then I got it after him. Hubby is still paranoid every time I say I don't feel good.

Hope you and Tom stay healthy through it all...