Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Our turn

I was jumping out of bed with Sean in my arms before I fully understood why. Then it dawned on me...that sound...the undeniable sound of a toddler throwing up. He stops throwing up and I survey the damage...a pillowcase in need of a change and a shower for Sean. Seems I lucked out. While cleaning Mr Man up my hopes that he just gagged while coughing are crushed...round 2 starts. It's then I realize, it's our turn for the stomach bug going around our friends.

I grab a big bowl, blankets and towels and head to the couch...the "NEW" couch! We settle in and have a few rounds of dry heaves. Dry heaves are no fun, in a baby they are pathetically cruel. Sean gets mad at the bowl in front of him and wants it gone NOW! He finally dozes off. I sit here watching and listening for signs...changes in breathing, hard swallows, stomach tightening. It's going to be a long night.

Then another country is heard from...Danielle. Luckily she just woke up and needed to see where we disappeared to. As she climbs onto the couch I realize no one put a diaper on her before bed. UGH! She's been dry most nights butb what if tonight isn't one of those nights. So I finangle my way over to the box of diapers without waking Sean who's still in my arms. Then manage to fight a diaper on her. Just as I finish Sean decides it'd be a good time for more dry heaves and then he wants to nurse.

Nursing a baby who's throwing up is just wrong. You know it's not going to stay down. But what todo when a baby wants the comfort of nursing. Besides I don't want him to get dehydrated. So I nurse him and sure enough, a bucket is needed soon afterwards.

It's just about 3hrs now since we started. Hopefully Sean stays snoozing in my lap for a few hours without incident. Danielle is sleeping n...and there goes Sean. :o( Anyways hopefully everyone can get some sleep for a bit. Too bad the snow storm wasn't hitting this morning instead of tomorrow morning, I could really go for a snow day. Actually what I really could go for is a shower. I feel like I'm covered in....never mind. Let's just say I REALLY want a shower and hope I'm not the next victim. Guess I won't be going to my 10:15 appt today since it was for Sean and Danielle.

Typing one handed (and left at that) is hard, so time to stop.

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Lisa said...

(((Hugs))) It hit here starting on Dec 23 and continuing on through break. Christmas Eve was memorable in that the 7 and 5 yo slept on the bathroom floor and didn't care about gifts. I hope they are feeling better soon.