Tuesday, April 12, 2005

3 more to go!

That's how many more times I have to go through our morning routine before spring break starts here. Woohooo! I might even whittle it down to 2 and keep the elementary kids home on Friday. It's Grandparent's and Special Friends day on Friday. This means it's a bogus school day and by lunchtime all there is to do is sit around and maybe watch a video. Grandparents come in around 9 or 10 and stay in the class with the kids. After lunch if the parents have given permission, the grandparents can take the student home. Tom's mom can't come because it's her dialysis day. My parents have decided that they'll only attend for a Kindergartener so they're not torn in a bunch of directions every year. So they won't be there. They insist there are NO extra kids brought along due to the huge turnout for the day, so that doesn't allow me and Olivia going over. If I do send them, I'll go over and pick them up at lunch time at least. No sense for them to sit in the classroom with a few kids, bored out of their mind.

For what I thought was the LAST time...I have to register a kindegartener for classes. Olivia is wishy washy about going. At first it was because she doesn't want a shot, now I'm not so sure. She's definitely not a candidate to be held back a year. She knows a lot of her letters, can write quite a few if you're spelling something for her and she's always asking how to spell this and that and writing it down. Her downfall is going to be her shyness. Out of all my shy kids though I think she's the most outgoing...although I thought that of Eileen too. She had a really rough time starting school and being away from home. So I'm not taking anything for granted. When we register we get to visit a classroom and talk to a teacher, the soon-to-be kindergartner gets a prize and a balloon, and we go for a ride on the school bus around the village. yipppee!

I got a pleasant surprise yesterday. My OB office called me and pushed my u/s appt up from Thurs afternoon to TODAY!!! I get to oogle my baby today! :oD I think I might be picking up Carrie and Eileen to take them with me. I need to go buy Carrie a bathsuit for her after school swimming program tomorrow. I wish I could take all the kids with me, they're so excited to find out what we're having. I hope this little one cooperates. As usual I was starting to worry that something was wrong with the baby and I'd get bad news at my u/s. Baby decided to put me out of my misery and was splashing around nice and hard this morning. It's not happening consistantly but it's happening more often which makes me a happy pg lady! Oh I hear you....just you wait...you'll be cursing at those kicks soon enough! LOL I definitely try not to although I can't promise it won't happen.

I'm trying to decide if I want to be a nice mommy or not. Drew and Pat need khaki slacks for their new job and neither one owns a pair. Their first day is Saturday so they're trying to get me to meet them at the discount store to get some before my appt. I don't mind so much except that I don't want to get exhausted and sore before my dr appt. Although I guess I could nap while they're doing the u/s...yeah right!

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Kathy said...

Oh I can't wait to read the news. I don't think you've ever posted what you think it is. Good Luck!!!