Sunday, April 24, 2005

Yes, I know it's an unbelieveably late hour

or is that early? hmmm I'm almost afraid to go to sleep. I don't know what's up the last day and half or so. I've been battling a lot of low blood sugars for some reason. If it continues Sunday I'll place a call into the dr on Monday morning. I do have a dr appt on Tues, so that's not too long from now. At least I can feel flutters here and there still and my blood pressure is in the good range.

Friday I ate LOUSY! I ate things I haven't eaten in a long time. I ate them one after the other. I felt like I ate/grazed all day long. I kept thinking my sugar would be sky high and it was LOW. The highest I went all day was a 111, even after chocolate chip cookies and mass amounts of cheese doodles.

Tom got called into work on Friday night about 10pm or so. He'd gone to bed at 9 because there was to be a planned power outage at 3am. (it was canceled and no one notified the county) He'd already planned on getting up and going in to watch the pumpstations. Unfortunately Mother Nature had other plans for him and he got woken up at 10 with a call that levels were getting high and he needed to come in. The poor guy didn't get home until 9am on Saturday. At least he's happy that he made some overtime.

I apologize...this is Loooong and rambling!

At 5am the phone rang and I stumbled down the hall, bouncing off the walls to get to it. It was Tom's boss who wasn't aware that Tom was ontop of things and already at work. LOL He asked for his cell number and I started to tell him a set of numbers that I knew were totally off. I couldn't think of what his number really was for about 30secs. Finally it came to me and I told least I tried to. I had terrible cotton mouth and realized I could be considered slurring. I climbed into bed while I wondered what M thought of me. I then noticed that I was on the verge of throwing up. THAT'S IT! OUT OF BED! RIGHT NOW! I dragged myself out of bed and tested my was 59 and falling fast. OOPS! I grabbed Drew's 2lt of Mt Dew and guzzled a glass (I haven't had soda in forever!!!) I waited about 15mins and checked it again, 67...still not high enough. I made a peanut butter and heavy jam (woohooo!) sandwich on white bread...finally I got it up to 124 at 5:30. I surfed online a bit and checked my overnight emails. At 6:30 I rechecked my sugar and I was back to 77! UGH! So I make myself 2 pcs of toast with peanut butter and heavy jam again. With my sugar back up to 107 I decide it's good enough to go back to bed for a bit. I woke up at 10am feeling like I hadn't slept a wink! LOL My sugar was 83. It was a bit late for me in the day to start my routine so felt I was off. I did the 2pcs of toast with pb and heavy jam again. I even snacked on some microwave popcorn. I couldn't test my sugar after breakfast becuase I'd left it in the bedroom and Tom was sleeping. After lunch I read at 83 again (one hour after eating!)

I got to playing Harry Potter on the Game Cube while Tom was outside with the kids and I lost track of time. At 8pm I decided it was time to make dinner and it better get done QUICK cause I needed something to eat! I was making spaghetti with burger and sweet sausage in the sauce, also garlic bread. Being that I can't have tons of both of these, I decided to try and wait for them to be done before eating anything. WRONG!!! While cooking the meat I could feel myself getting whoozey. Tom asked me if I was alright after I snapped at one of the kids that dinner would be done when it was done. I agreed I wasn't, tested and saw that I'd dropped to a 70. By the feel of things I was still dropping and quickly. I grabbed a cup of juicy juice (something else I haven't had in a while) and chugged it down. Waited and still felt off so grabbed a glass of skim milk too. I tested before I started eating at 9pm and got a 97, so not too shabby. I did allow myself an extra bit of spaghetti. I also had 2pcs of garlic bread with it (I normally never would have had the bread or I'd have only had half the spaghetti so I could have the bread) I didn't know exactly what to do about my insulin dose at dinner. I waited about half an hour after I ate my dinner and then gave my regular dose...I figured I'd eat myself silly all night and enjoy it for once. Finally an hour after I ate (half an hour after insulin) I tested out at 126! PHEW!!! No lows! Another hour later and I was 129. I was pleased! It didn't last long though. I tested at midnight and was back down to 77. So I had another treat of TWO pop-tarts...chocolate chip cookie dough flavored. That's over 74g of carbs! (two meals and a snack worth of starch allowances) I was to the point where I didn't care if I went too high. I just didn't want to wake up like I did this morning and have Sunday follow Saturday. At 3am I tested at 101. I grabbed the last piece of garlic bread and a bowl of meaty sauce....had seconds on the sauce. Was going to go to bed but got caught in blogville instead. Here I sit 45mins later staring at my glucometer telling me I'm at 86 already. WHAT IS GOING ON!?!?!? Guess I'll have to hit up Drew's candy bucket before I go to bed.

Anyways back to regular stuff around here. Tom got a couple hours of sleep this afternoon and went to bed about 9pm. It started pouring about midnight and I couldn't get him an answer out of him if he needed to get up and check on things. About 2am he woke up a little perturbed that he didnt' get up earlier. He called into work, heard how things were looking from the monitoring board's point of view. He then decided he needed to go in and check on what the real thing was doing (not rely on sporadic alarms, although they said things were running high). So I'll have to deal with keeping kids quiet while he tries to sleep tomorrow afternoon again. I'll also have to start getting the kids ready to go to school on Monday! :o(

Not a very exciting week. Jake is still not his usual self, although he has gained some energy back. He often goes into coughing fits from horsing around or talking too much. I've had a few kids complain they aren't feeling so hot on and off too. So I guess we'll see how the first day back to school fares.

Pat got his FIRST paycheck ever on Friday!!!! Congratulations Pat! Drew got his check too but it wasn't his first. Congrats to Drew too.

Drew got out of work and drove Liz into the city to my sister's house for the night. Michelle went along for the ride and they stopped by at Tom's parent's house. My MIL can't get out on her own so she really appreciates company! She took the two of them out to her favorite chinese buffet place for dinner. It warmed my heart to find out that they decided to stop by there without prompting. Sometimes I don't give them enough credit! They were originally going to just go to a movie. From all accounts they had a much better time with their Grandma. LOL

Well since I last tested I've now eaten 2 Creme Savers soft candies, a Milkyway Caramel bite size bar and a Cherry Tootsie roll pop. My meter now says 104 and I'm heading into bed. Let's hope tomorrow goes a bit better then the last few days and I don't have concern to call the dr. NIGHT! Or is that GOOD MORNING! ;o)

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